Who Is Gabriel Guevara Dating? Exploring ‘My Fault’ Star’s Current Relationship Status!

Who is Gabriel Guevara dating? Gabriel Guevara is a Spanish-French actor best known for playing Cristian “Cris” Miralles Haro in Skam Espaa, the Spanish version of Skam, and Nick Leister in My Fault.

Gabriel Guevara has become a heartthrob since starring in the renowned Spanish film “My Fault.” Gabriel Guevara’s character in the movie is in a secret relationship, which makes admirers wonder about his relationship status in real life.

So, is Gabriel Guevara dating anyone? Or is he single at the moment? Let’s go right to it and read the article to get the truth about the actor’s relationship status.

Who Is Gabriel Guevara Dating?

who is gabriel guevara dating

Gabriel Guevara is not dating anyone at the moment according to our research. Although there are rumors that he is in a relationship with his on-screen lover Nicole Wallace.

Guevara and Wallace play out some hot sex scenes in the R-rated movie, and while it took them a few tries to get comfortable enough to kiss in front of the camera for their first kiss, their intimacy coach made it simpler for them to film the more private sequences. Wallace revealed:

“We’re lucky that we have each other, we know each other, and we’re really comfortable with each other. It makes all the rest easier.”

As followers were already speculating about their relationship following their on-screen chemistry Wallace posted three explicit photographs with Gabriel Guevara posing for the camera during a photo shoot on Instagram on June 15.

Wallace and Guevara were touching tongues in the first slide, which is followed by a picture of him caressing her chest. In the last shot, the actor was encircled by Wallace, who put her hands on his hands and biceps.

As these photos do not look like they are just friends, the actress has now turned down the post which further fueled the rumors. Because fans think they are not ready to make their relationship public.

So we just have to wait until one from Gabriel or Wallace comes up with the clarification to the public about their relationship. Till then stay tuned to our page for any further updates.

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Who Has Gabriel Guevara Dated in The Past?

who is gabriel guevara dating

Guevara and actress Agostina Gioli allegedly had a relationship in 2020. The pair’s status as a couple was not obvious, but they were seen having a very PDA-heavy outing through the streets of Madrid, Spain.

The tender pictures show a then-19-year-old Guevara kissing Goi’s head while she rested her head on his shoulder. He was wearing casual clothing.

More pictures show the actress holding Guevara’s face as they kissed, while others show Goi standing in his arms as she looked to be fiddling with his chain.

Gioli began her acting career in 2019 when she took on the role of Esther in the Spanish movie “Nunca Fuimos ngel.”

In the year that followed, she portrayed Toti in “No Muertos,” and more recently, Goi appeared with Manu Rios in a tiny part in the hit Netflix series “Elite.”

Goi is also a social media influencer and model. On Instagram, she has 163,000 followers as of the writing of this sentence.

The actress demonstrated she had moved on with rapper The Kidd Keo, despite the fact that she and Guevara had hinted at a potential romance at the time.

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Gabriel Guevara Had a Toxic Relationship with His Ex-Girlfriend

who is gabriel guevara dating

Guevara recently discussed how his life had changed since he became famous in an interview, and he admitted that he did not always enjoy being in the spotlight.

Despite having a renowned mother, the actor said that fame nowadays is different from when his mother was young.

Guevara still views himself as a “normal” 22-year-old despite the more than 4.8 million Instagram followers that come with his newfound notoriety. When Gala asked about his romantic life, he responded:

“I just got out of a toxic relationship, so I prefer not to think about it too much right now. Right now, I’m calm. I’m working. I’m meeting new people. I’m in a good place.”