Who Is Gay On The Matildas? List of Players Who Are Gay In The Team

Who Is Gay On The Matildas? The Matildas have made it to the headlines of each and every daily in the world with the revelation of their sexuality and love interest. Among the best players in the world, the Maltidas are undoubtedly the top aspirist persons right now.

Up recently, people have been curious as to who is gay on the Maltidas and how many players have actually come out of the closet. Well, we are in the same boat.

Keep reading the article to unravel the secret behind the closeted sexual identity of the Maltidas. Let’s see who is gay on the Matildas.

How Many Matildas Are Gay? ‘Playing With pride’ Against Homophobia

Who Is Gay On The Matildas?

who is gay on the matildas

Well, there are several players from the team who have opened up about their true sexual identity and have made their same-sex relationships public. Many have openly shown association with and support to the LGBTQ+ community. Here is the list-

  1. Mackenzie Arnold
  2. Ellie Carpenter
  3. Alex Chidiac
  4. Katrina Gorry
  5. Sam Kerr
  6. Kyah Simon
  7. Emily Van Egmond
  8. Cortnee Vine
  9. Tameka Yallop
  10. Larissa Crummer
  11. Emily Gielnik
  12. Chloe Logarzo

Are All The Matildas Gay? ‘The World At Our Feet’ Creating Queer-Friendly Space In Sports

Is Matildas ‘The Gayest Team Ever’?

who is gay on the matildas

It is certainly true for the 2023 World Cup. It is regarded by fans and critics as the gayest World Cup Ever for the number of gay players participating in the tournament. According to the Washington Post, there are 100+ openly LGBTQ+ players and coaches across the tournaments spread across 32 teams.

This is the first time in the sport history that so many openly queer people are participating and winning in an international tournament. On this, Beau Newell, Pride in sport national program manager with ACON, an LGBTQ+ health not-for-profit, shared-

“These women in the World Cup currently, they’re the catalyst for change. These athletes are proving that they can be their authentic selves and that doesn’t compromise their success.”