Who is Haleyybaylee Dating? The Stay-at-home Billionaire’s Girlfriend For Real?

Who is Haleyybaylee Dating? The runway queen has been quite active on social media and there’s no chance you haven’t come across her reels while scrolling through Instagram or TikTok. Haley Kalil, who is better famous for her social media username, Haleyybaylee, is a model and a beauty pageant.

The social media star triggered rumours and speculations about her alleged billionaire boyfriend via TikTok. The model became a sensation overnight by jumping right into the viral ‘A day in my life as a stay-at-home billionaire’s girlfriend’ trend.

who is haleyybaylee dating

Further, the news of her split from her husband, Matt Kalil, left the fans more curious about her dating life. Keep reading the article to uncover the truth behind Haleyybaylee’s love life.

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Who is haleyybaylee Dating?

Haley has been posting a ton lot of videos on her social media accounts about her ‘billionaire boyfriend’ but has never really revealed the identity of her alleged boyfriend. All she has revealed is name of her boyfriend, Willian, whom she met on the 5th Avenue Street.

Not much is revealed about the model’s alleged boyfriend and some fans even doubt if Haley really has a relationship with anyone at the moment.

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Is Haley Kalil Married?

Haley Kalil was married to Matt Kalil previously. The couple tied a knot in 2015 but things took a turn and lovey-dovey couple decided to call it quits seven years after their marriage. TMZ Sports revealed that the couple started living separately in January 2022 and filled for divorce on May 4, 2022.

who is haleyybaylee dating

Haley posted a cryptic message on her Instagram account in March, the message was meant for her younger self, however, some fans speculate, it was about the personal and professional challenges the Sports Illustrated swimsuit model faced during the time.

“When you sat on that couch in your small town Minnesotan home, you had absolutely no idea where life was about to take you. You fought through challenge after challenge. You were teased mercilessly for the way you looked and who you were. You were told your dreams were laughable. You were told to be realistic with your goals for the future and to give up on those dreams.”

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Is Haleyybaylee’s Boyfriend a Billionaire?

Haley claims on her social media account that she is dating a billionaire businessman. There are high chances that her alleged boyfriend, William, is a billionaire if her story is to be trusted.

who is haleyybaylee dating

If we are to trust Haley Kalil’s statement regarding her boyfriend’s work, he is currently working on an app with his business partner, Andrew Tate. Her boyfriend, William, is also Andrew Tate’s best friend according to Haley.