Who Is Harry Jowsey Dating? His Relationship and Breakup with Georgia Hassarati!

Who Is Harry Jowsey dating? Harry Jowsey became a global sensation thanks to his charismatic presence on Netflix’s “Too Hot to Handle” in 2020.

His star has continued to rise, with features in GQ, Forbes, Entrepreneur, and Variety. Since the show’s conclusion, Jowsey has entertained his 10 million social media followers and ventured into acting with William Morris Endeavors (WME).

He also launched the interactive Spotify show “Dating Harry Jowsey,” addressing fans’ dating and relationship questions.

Now, as he competes on Dancing With the Stars season 32, everyone’s wondering: Who is Harry Jowsey dating? We’ll explore the latest updates on his love life, so keep reading to find out.

Who Is Harry Jowsey Dating?

who is harry jowsey dating

Harry Jowsey is not dating anyone at the moment. “My dating life sucks, Jowsey, 26, exclusively revealed to Us Weekly on Wednesday, July 19, “I’m very, very single.“I know I’m hopeless at relationships. So I think I give up.”

Jowsey, who ended her relationship with Too Hot To Handle season 3 alum Georgia Hassarati in April 2023, is dating for a reason now rather than only for fun.

“When I was away filming, I was like, ‘What is the meaning of life?’ And I feel like the meaning of life is love and, like, to have that and to have that feeling.”

The 26-year-old added. “So like now I’ve been more focused on just being in love with myself and then also waiting for the right person.”

The reality star went on to say that, when the time is right, he does want to get married and start a family. Jowsey told:

“Everyone’s different. I think that there may be like some people that, you know, are madly in love with someone, but they love to be open and share or whatever else.

“But for me, like, I think it’s one person … Like, if I am imagining like the mother of my kids, it’s one person and it’s someone that I wanna grow old with.”

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Harry Jowsey and Georgia Hassarati Relationship Timeline

who is harry jowsey dating

In June 2022, Harry and Georgia began dating; they broke up somewhere in the fall of last year.

Harry even went so far as to state in December 2022 that he planned to be single till 28 before getting back into the dating game. However, it is clear that his plans have since changed.

Georgia posted a number of Instagram stories, TikTok movies, and pictures of herself on vacation in Hawaii in February 2023 earlier this year.

She shared a TikTok video of herself dancing on Valentine’s Day, with Harry strolling by in the background. The video was cheekily labeled “Another Valentine’s Day alone” by Georgia.

She then posted a picture of herself with a bouquet of roses that Harry had given her on Instagram. Subsequently, Harry shared a picture of himself holding the identical bouquet.

Subsequently, they made their relationship public by uploading content on their individual social media profiles on a regular basis and going to events together for photos.

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Harry Jowsey and Georgia Hassarati Break Up

who is harry jowsey dating

Just a few months after Harry and Georgia reconciled, fans could have sensed that something was wrong. Harry shared a video in April in which he discussed his recent breakup.

The breakup was then confirmed when Georgia disclosed that she had recently been single in an interview with Cosmopolitan Middle East in June.

Then things got really ugly. During a guest appearance on the “Call Her Daddy” podcast, Harry hinted that Georgia had cheated on him around a month later.

Georgia responded by disproving his assertions in a number of TikToks in an effort to correct the record. Georgia claims that Harry only suspected her of cheating on him because of a “gut feeling,” and that she never did cheat.

She also claims that Harry texted her goodbye when she was at Coachella with a number of her girlfriends. In addition, Georgia claims that Harry is the one who has cheated on her—many times, practically.

She believes he became enraged that she chose to defame her reputation on social media and other podcasts and that she moved on from him so rapidly.

Georgia also claims that Francesca was correct about Harry from the beginning! Georgia expanded on the topic in August on the podcast “Sofia with an F,” asserting that Harry had cheated on her with a close friend.

She clarified in the comments that it wasn’t Brooke or Francesca—who is still happily engaged to Jesse Sullivan. The Realty of TikTokers Ashley uploaded a video of Georgia from the podcast where she addressed the claims.

Georgia clarified that Brooke or Francesca were not the “close friends” in question in the comments section. However, Francesca commented, “Smells like Chloe,” with less subtlety.

Supporters surmise that Francesca was alluding to Chloe Veitch, another Perfect Match star. Chloe costarred with Francesca and Harry in Too Hot to Handle season 1, in addition to Perfect Match and The Circle.