What Really Happened in The Movie Hustlers.!

Four ladies and one man were charged with drugging males and using their credit cards to make thousands of dollars in club purchases on June 11, 2014. One of those ladies, Roselyn “Rosie” Keo, who is thought to be one of the scheme’s two ringleaders, appeared for pictures at the Toronto International Film Festival five years later.

Keo, who received a five-year probationary term in 2016, traveled to Toronto to see her own story on screen in Hustlers, a new film from writer-director Lorene Scafaria. Hustlers had its festival premiere on September 7 and will go nationwide on September 13.

Hustlers is based on Jessica Pressler’s December 2015 New York magazine article “The Hustlers at Scores,” for which she spoke with Samantha Foxx (née Barbash; in this account, she will be referred to as Barbash since that is the name listed in court documents) and Keo about the scheme’s other leader. The women described a close friendship that developed into a sisterhood before turning ominous.

According to the director, Scafaria “thought it to be a compelling friendship story at its core” when she read Pressler’s essay. She claims she was aware that Pressler’s article, not court records or tabloids, was the only source she could use to adapt this tale for the big screen. In this approach, a Pressler-inspired character may work as a proxy for the audience, enabling them to identify with the characters. According to Scafaria, “I thought that Jessica and Rosie’s relationship—the interaction between a storyteller and their subject—was extremely interesting.

Scafaria set out to be faithful to the story Pressler wrote, even cutting out the movie’s sound at one point when a recorder being used by the movie’s reporter (who is based on Pressler and played by Julia Stiles) flips off. Although some details of what the Special Narcotics Prosecutor called a “repugnant scheme” are altered for the film, Scafaria set out to be faithful to the story Pressler wrote.

The leading ladies’ names were changed; Roselyn Keo became Destiny, played by Constance Wu; Ramona, a character played by Jennifer Lopez and loosely based on Barbash; and Karina Pascucci and Marsi Rosen, their business partners, became Annabelle (Lili Reinhart) and Mercedes (Keke Palmer). The movie also features Cardi B, Lizzo, and a male R&B singer, whose identity is best revealed to fans after they see the movie.

who is hustlers based on

Is ‘Hustlers’ Based on A True Story?

In actuality, Hustlers is based on a true incident. After the terrible stock market meltdown of 2008, Lorene based the movie’s script on a New York Magazine piece aptly named “The Hustlers at Scores.” Early on, Lorene had a pretty clear idea of who she wanted in the movie and admitted to “chase[ing]” Cardi B for the part.

The rapper from the Bronx is a pretty obvious match for the role. Cardi used her work as a stripper to support her music career. She recently made headlines when she admitted to drugging and robbing men who had approached her for prostitution while she was a dancer. So it’s not always a leap to play a character who is ready to use any methods to make money.

Lorene discussed the extensive research she did to find the cast for the movie in an interview with IndieWire, and she acknowledged that once Jennifer Lopez joined the project, things were much simpler.

“I chased Cardi on Instagram for about two years before the movie ever came out. For over a year, I was after Lizzo as well. They are both characters I had only imagined being in the film. Naturally, it makes my job simpler when Jennifer Lopez is the star of a project and everyone wants to work with her, so I was lucky there.

Despite the fact that Lizzo and Cardi B will be appearing on screen for the first time, Lorene is optimistic about how well their musical talents will translate to acting. “I think musicians and singers, performers, they’re just naturally very great at timing and rhythm and they just kind of are natural-born actors,” she said.

“Lizzo has such personality, and Cardi has such personality,” someone said. I wanted to give them characters that showcased their personalities, but I also wanted to make sure that they continued to feel like a part of the universe and the ensemble, that nobody stood out, and that everyone was still there in the same movie.

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The Full Main Cast of Hustlers Is Impressive.

Along with well-known rap musicians Cardi B and Lizzo, the movie stars Jennifer Lopez, Constance Wu, Keke Palmer, Julia Stiles, Lili Reinhart, Trace Lysette, and Madeline Brewer.

who is hustlers based on

According to Lorene, she wrote the script in a way that allowed for improvisation in order to take advantage of each cast member’s special talents.

I gave everyone their parts to play after encouraging them to improvise and feel free and fluid. We wanted a scene where 15 girls are conversing with one other in a locker room to feel authentic and genuine, with girls chatting over one another.

Despite the fact that a styled crime drama about strippers stealing money may seem like it may descend into stylized nonsense, Lorene was more interested in discussing the impact the crash had on working women.

People are probably not going to go to their neighborhood strip joints to tip scantily dressed women spinning on poles when there isn’t a lot of extra money to go around: “This is about working women and what they are up against. Their industry was seriously destroyed by the financial crisis. It destroyed everyone’s business, but the dancers were particularly hard to hit, said Lorene.

In order to properly prepare for the movie, Lorene even took stripper dance lessons with some of the performers, and she claims that the work was tough even for a seasoned dancer like Jennifer Lopez: “That gave Jennifer a brand-new respect for these dancers. She has been dancing all her life, but her only injury was a bruise, which was treated with ice. It’s quite challenging.

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The Majority of Hustlers Is True.

The Names of The Real Women Who Were Implicated in The Incident Were First and Primarily Changed in The Movie. Jennifer Lopez Plays Ramona Vega in “hustlers,” a Role Modeled After the Real-Life Ringleader Samantha Barbash, A.K.A. Samantha Foxx. the Character of Destiny, Played by Constance Wu, Is Modeled by Roselyn “Rosie” Keo. the Con Artists Mercedes and Annabelle, Played by Keke Palmer and Lili Reinhart, Respectively, Were Modeled After Marci Rosen and Karina Pascucci.

who is hustlers based on

The Four Women Are All Apprehended in A Sting Operation at The End of The Movie. in The End, Ramona Receives a Five-Year Probationary Term, While Her Co-Defendants Serve Weekend Jail Terms Before Being Freed on Probation. with The Exception of One Crucial Element, This Is Accurately Described. Samantha Barbash, Like Ramona, Accepted a Sentence of Probation for Five Years in Exchange for Her Guilty Pleas to Conspiracy, Assault, and Grand Larceny.

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in Addition to Five Years of Probation, Rosen and Pascucci Received a Sentence of Four Months of Weekend Detention. the Distinction Is that Keo Never Spent Any Time in Prison, in Contrast to Constance Wu’s Destiny. Keo Received a Five-Year Probationary Period as Part of A Plea Bargain (via Oprah Daily).

The Film Earned Almost $33 Million on Its First Weekend, Making It Lopez’s Most Successful Live-Action Debut (via Box Office Mojo). Barbash, Ramona’s Real-Life Counterpart, Claims that “hustlers” Got Everything Wrong.