Who Is Layton Simon, The Person Who Lamar from BMF Was Modeled After in Real Life?

Corey “50 Cent” The real-life Flenory brothers are the inspiration for Jackson’s crime drama BMF. When they were still teenagers in Detroit, Terry “Southwest T” Flenory (Da’Vinchi) and Demetrius “Big Meech” Flenory (Demetrius “Lil Meech” Flenory Jr.) started to establish their drug business. From then, they developed into two of the largest drug traffickers in the nation.

Big Meech and Southwest T had competitors, though. On BMF, actor Eric Kofi-Abrefa plays Lamar, one of those opponents. According to the British actor, Big Meech gave him exclusive knowledge about his persona.

Who Is Layton Simon

Layton Simon Speaks About His Early Years and His Interests in An Interview with The Original Gangsters Podcast. He Spoke Fondly of Playing Baseball in Detroit and Related How, in The 1970s, He Met a Man by The Name of Dirty Diamond While Traveling to A Game.

who is lamar from bmf based on

Layton Inquired About the Man’s 20-Carat Ring, and When He Did, the Name Harold Stinson Popped Up. Before the Flenory Brothers, Big Meech, and Southwest T, Took Control of The Streets, He Met Stinson and Found out He Was Leading a Sizable Drug-Dealing Network.

At the Age of 14, Layton Began Dealing After Being Seduced by Harold’s Illicit Enterprise. He Was Able to Purchase a Brand-New 1973 Cadillac by The Time He Was 15 Years Old Because of His Earnings.

The Young Man Ascended the Drug-Dealing Food Chain and Quickly Gained Control of Southwest Detroit’s Streets.

Layton’s Competitors for Territory Were Big Meech and Southwest T. the Flenory Brothers Were Able to Take Control of The Streets when A Police Officer Moved Into Layton’s Apartment Building and Then Opted to Leave.

who is lamar from bmf based on

What Does Big Meech Really Think About ‘BMF’?

Big Meech Is Currently Incarcerated, but He Is Still Highly Involved with The Show, with His Son Playing Him. He Spoke in Detail About His Life with Both 50 Cent and Randy Huggins, the Creator of The Bmf, and Terry Was Also Involved. Even a Note that Big Meech Left for Lil Meech Regarding the Series Was Shared by 50 Cent.

Big Meech Commented via Complex, “keep in Touch so We Can Discuss the Third and Fourth Episode and Whatever You out There Doing All Great Vibes.”

“I Really Love 50 for Helping Us Make All This Happen for Us. It’s Like He was the Only One to Honestly Come Thru and Put Us on The 100% Legitimate Successful Path and He Never Owed Us Shit but Gave Us ‘everything’ when Almost All the Sports and Entertainers I’ve Known My Entire Life Never Spoke up Or Helped Us Get on The Path Legitimacy!”

who is lamar from bmf based on

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Big Meech Gave Eric Kofi-Abrefa Inside Information Bout His Character Lamar

Lamar, Played by Kofi Abrefa, Is a Composite Character Made out Of Various Competitors that Bmf Once Had. Layton Simon, a Gangster from Detroit, Is the Specific Person on Whom He Is Based. Big Meech Was Able to Provide the British Actor with Some Accurate Background and Context for His Persona.

who is lamar from bmf based on

Kofi-Abrefa Told Tv Line that Director 50 Was “generous” and Wanted to Make Sure that Everyone Was Satisfied with Their Work. “I Never Felt in Danger or As Like I Didn’t Know Where the Character Was Heading.

Even Just Spending Time with Lil Meech, Who 50 Cent Hired for The Program, Was Educational. on Occasion, I Would Get a Call from His Father and He Would Explain to Me About the Background and Circumstances of His Life and Family. He Gave Me a Lot of Information About the Individual Who Inspired My Character, Which I Was Able to Toss Into a Pot, Mix Up, and Add to My Performance.

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Was There a Real-Life Inspiration for Lamar from BMF?

The Majority of The Characters in Bmf Are Modeled After Real Individuals Connected to The Flenory Brothers. Because of Their Similar-Sounding Names and Roles as Well as Lamar’s Struggle with Mental Illness, Many People Believe Lamar Is Modeled on Layton.

who is lamar from bmf based on

Lamar’s Role on The Show Depicts Challenges Similar to Those that Layton Experienced when He Was Hospitalized at A Mental Hospital in The 1980s.

Creator Randy Huggins Said, “it’s Not Just a Drug Show.” “with Lamar, We Discuss Mental Illness.

People Like Lamar Were Released from State-Run Mental Health Facilities in The 1980s when President Reagan Closed Them All, Leaving Them with Nowhere to Go. Although He Might Have Entered the Asylum Believing It To be less difficult than prison, he was likely already mentally ill and only became worse.