Who Is Micah Dating? Love Is Blind Star Opens Up About Her Dating Life!

Washington native Micah Lussier, age 27, is a successful marketing professional. She has a decade of experience in marketing and sales and has worked for several prestigious companies, including Old Navy, Alpha Gamma Delta, and Salesforce Inc. She previously worked as a teacher for Every Child Every Time, where she acquired a set of skills that have proven useful in her part-time position as a marketing coach.

On the basis of her rather successful and impressive resume, it would be reasonable to infer that Lussier has everything. This is not the case, however. Love is the only thing missing from her otherwise near-perfect existence. While she has been able to master every aspect of her life, her romantic relationships remain a disaster.

In the past, she has experienced a number of unsuccessful relationships. This was one of the primary reasons she auditioned for a role on Netflix’s Love is Blind.

Early Years and Childhood

who is micah dating

Micah Lussier was born on February 25, 1996, in Seattle, Washington. She is the offspring of two educators. Micah attended Seattle Public Schools and Garfield High School and graduated in 2014. She studied marketing and communications at the University of Washington. Micah graduated in 2018 with a bachelor’s degree in marketing and communications from the University of Washington.

Who Is Micah Dating?

who is micah dating

Micah Lussier is currently single. During the fourth season of Love Is Blind, she was previously engaged to Paul Peden, but they called off their nuptials at the altar. Since then, Micah has not been publicly associated with anyone.

Micah stated in an interview with Elite Daily that she is presently single and enjoying her single status. She also stated, “I’m not against courting, but I’m not actively seeking anything.”

Micah is an accomplished career woman with a large social media following. Additionally, she is devoted to social justice and animal rights. It is probable that she is currently concentrating on her career and personal life and is not actively seeking a new relationship.

Who Is Paul from Love Is Blind Season 4?

who is micah dating

Who is Paul from season four of Love Is Blind? Paul Peden, a 29-year-old Environmental Scientist from the region of Seattle, Washington, was born in 1987. His Instagram alias is @paulpeden. “Amor Fati,” his Instagram bio stated at the time the fourth season of Love Is Blind premiered.

Paul also has an Instagram account for cuisine under the handle @paulpremium, where he posts photos and videos of meals he has prepared or enjoyed in restaurants.

“Can I borrow a Netflix password for March 24 from anyone?” Paul announced on Instagram in March 2023 that he would be appearing in the fourth season of Love Is Blind. In a March 2023 video announcing the Love Is Blind season 4 cast, Paul characterized the secret to his happiness as finding joy in small things.

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Did Micah and Paul Date After the Wedding?

who is micah dating

During the Reunion, the Couple Affirmed that They Dated Briefly After the Wedding, with Paul Stating at One Point that They Have Not Been in A Relationship for A Year.

Paul Further Explained that The Dating Period Was Brief Because Micah Had to Return to Arizona While He Remained in Seattle, Adding that He Visited Her Briefly in Arizona and That They Quickly Terminated Their Relationship Afterward.

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Did They Get Married?

who is micah dating

Micah and Paul do not appear on the list of Love Are Blind’s successful couples. In the finale, which aired on April 14, both characters attend their nuptials. But when it’s time for Micah to say “I do,” she hesitates and says, “I believe that the best thing I can do for us right now is to give you the chance to respond first.”

(An unexpected turn of events prompts Micah’s friend to murmur, “I wish I were much drunker.”) But it turns out that was the correct decision, as Paul ultimately chooses not to marry. He says, “I adore you, but I don’t believe we can choose each other at this time.” “I believe we are not there.”