Who Is Mully Dating? Exploring The Love Life Of The Famous YouTube Star

Mully is a famous Australian social media content creator that has gained many followers as a VR gaming YouTuber. He gained massive followers and can’t when he lunches his YouTube account which attracted millions of followers.

Mully is also known as a member of the social media group The Boys. Fans of the famous YouTuber have been speculating about his love life as they are curious to know who he is currently dating. This article has all you need to know about Mully and his current relationship status.

Mully Career

who is mully dating

Mully became famous for posting his funny VR gaming videos on YouTube. He launched his channel Mully VR on April 2019 and his first YouTube post clip When You Yeet in CLIMBEY was posted in the same month.

The video was also by another video called The Dumb Adventures of Joahdub And Mully in Sam and Dan Floaty Flatmates in the same month. The two videos are considered one of the oldest videos on his YouTube Channel which has accumulated millions of views.

Mully’s YouTube channel has over 5.36 million subscribers and the most popular videos on his channel include Daycare is Cancelled, 2020’s Funniest VR, and The Boys Go to Prison. The video has accumulated over 18 million, 14 million, and 12 million views respectively.

who is mully dating

Mully is also part of the social media group identified as The Boys which has members such as JoshDub, Eddie VR, Gaede Gibson, and Your Narrator. The group plays video games against each other and shares the videos as well.

Mully launched his second YouTube Channel Sleepymully in January 2021. The channel was created for his non-VR content. The channel has amazed subscribers with over 365k subscribers.

He is also active on other social media channels such as TikYok where he is followed by over 10 million fans. However, his TikTok account carries shorter clips of videos from his YouTube Channel. His Instagram account also has about 750k followers.

who is mully dating

Mully’s Twitter accounts have more than 319k subscribers. He is also associated with Click Management who is a gaming entertainment company that offers awesome management services to the world’s largest gaming and technology influence.

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Who is Mully Dating?

who is mully dating

Mully is currently single and not in any serious relationships at the moment. According to reports the famous YouTuber is not in any romantic relationships at the moment and he has been private about his relationship status keeping it away from the public.

He might be in a relationship with someone else but he has not made any official statement or confirmation that he is dating anyone. Mully’s previous relationship details are also not available at the moment as details of his previous relationships have not been shared.

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Mully’s Net Worth

who is mully dating

Mully have an estimated net worth of about $1.66 million. However, this is just an estimated net worth from his known salary and income which suggests who might be having a higher net worth.

He currently earns about $414.89 thousand per year from his YouTube where he accumulates about $6.91 million views per month. It is estimated that Mully gets about $414.89 thousand to $746. 8 thousand yearly for his YouTube videos.