Who Is Nicole Wallace Dating? The Current Relationship Status of “Culpa Mia” Star!!

Who Is Nicole Wallace Dating? Nicole Alejandra Wallace del Barrio, better known by her stage name Nicole Wallace, is a Spanish actress and singer best known for her roles as Nora Grace in Skam Espana and Noah in the Prime Video original movie My Fault, which is based on the bestselling Wattpad novel series by Mercedes Ron.

The Spanish movie Culpa Mia, also known as “My Fault,” which was recently launched on Prime Video, is trending on social media for all the right reasons. Gabriel Guevera and Nicole Wallace play the key roles in the cast, and fans can’t get enough of this new hot couple in town. 

According to a juicy insider tip about Nicole Wallace’s love life, she is allegedly dating her co-star Gabriel Guevera. To read the gossip, continue reading.

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Who Is Nicole Wallace Dating? Is Love in The Air Around Nicole and Gabriel?

Nicole Wallace’s dating status has not been officially confirmed.  Nicole also shared a vacation photo dump with a man named Miguel; with a caption saying “Corazón llenito” which means “Heart full.” Based on the images, it appears that the two are more than just friends and are actually rather close. A follower commented asking “Are they boyfriends???” and Nicole replied “Best Friends ever.”

who is nicole wallace dating

Nicole Wallace’s co-star Gabriel Guevera has been linked to romance speculations as well, although neither Nicole Wallace nor Gabriel Guevera has made any formal remarks or openly recognized their relationship.

Gabriel Guevera recently discussed getting over a challenging relationship, which some fans believe might have involved Agostina Goni. He underlined the importance of his profession and shared his wish to make new friends. 

It’s significant to note that Gabriel Guevera has never declared his purported liaison with Agostina Goni to be official. There is no proof of his romantic engagement with Nicole or anybody else, and the assumption that they are dating is only conjecture on the part of his supporters.

It is crucial to handle such material with caution and refrain from making judgments based solely on speculation given the lack of official confirmation. 

It is prudent to hold off on forming generalizations or assumptions regarding Nicole Wallace or Gabriel Guevera’s romance until they decide to discuss it in public. It is important to respect their privacy, and it is wise to rely on official announcements or reliable sources for factual information.

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Exploring Nicole Wallace’s Sexuality: Addressing Rumors and Realities!!

who is nicole wallace dating

Regarding Nicole Wallace’s gender identity, there has been no official confirmation. Although there have been reports about her purported romantic relationship with Gabriel Guevera, who is also her co-star, it’s crucial to remember that Nicole hasn’t made any formal declarations about her sexual orientation or her love life.

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The Journey of Nicole Wallace in Career and Personal Sphere!!

who is nicole wallace dating

Spanish actress and singer Nicole Alejandra Wallace del Barrio was born on March 22, 2002. Nicole Wallace rose to stardom in 2018 thanks to her performance as Nora Grace in the well-liked Movistar+ series Skam Espaa. Her rise to fame was aided by the program, which was praised for its feminism-related themes.

Due to Nicole’s success, articles about her appeared in magazines such as SModa, Glamour, and Vogue. Later, she acted in the love story My Fault and the drama series Parot.

She plays a character in a clandestine relationship with Gabriel Guevara in the movie My Fault. Amazon Prime Video saw considerable success with the movie. Nicole has upcoming projects that will show off her talent and versatility, such as the movie Vera and the Netflix miniseries Ni una más.