Who Is Nikki Glaser Dating? Current Love Interest Revealed of Stand up Comedian!

Nikki Glaser is a well-known stand-up comedian, radio presenter, podcast host, actress, television and talk show host, and aspiring singer. The multitalented personality began her comedy career at age 18 and has since worked on multiple projects over the years.

Nikki, who is best known for her candid and hilarious perspective on life, courting, and sex, derives the majority of her material from her own experiences. She has never hesitated to make jokes about her own dating experiences, which has helped her become more relatable to her admirers.

Among her most notable works are her appearances on ‘The Tonight Show with Jay Leno,’ ‘Conan,’ and ‘Last Comic Standing,’ as well as her stand-up specials ‘Perfect’ (2016) on Comedy Central, ‘Bangin”(2019) on Netflix, and the most recent ‘Good Clean Filth’ on HBO.

How Did Nikki Glaser Grow Up?

who is nikki glaser dating

Nikki Glaser was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, on June 1, 1984, to parents Julie E. (née Burke) and Edward J. Glaser. Lauren, her only sibling, is her junior sister. She is of German and Irish descent. (Reference Required) The majority of Glaser’s adolescence was spent in St. Louis, Missouri.

She graduated from Kirkwood High School and briefly attended the University of Colorado Boulder before transferring to and earning an English Literature degree from the University of Kansas.

Who Is Nikki Glaser Dating?

who is nikki glaser dating

It’s not surprising that admirers of stand-up comedian and actress Nikki Glaser are uncertain about her relationship status, as she herself appears uncertain.

When in a relationship, she is very dependable. Nikki Glaser’s partner is always Chris Convy, with whom she has maintained an on-again, off-again relationship for over nine years.

Who Is the Boyfriend of Nikki Glaser

who is nikki glaser dating

Despite the fact that Nikki has dated quite a few men, one relationship has been particularly significant in her life to date. Nikki Glaser has experienced genuine love with Chris Convy despite her humorous perspectives on relationships, dating, and intimacy over the years. Chris Convy is a writer and producer in Hollywood who was born in St. Louis, Missouri.

The couple met in New York in 2013 while he was working as a producer on her program, “Nikki & Sara Live.” Nikki fell in love at first sight. She was immediately drawn to Chris, who is exceptionally attractive and charismatic. They began dating almost immediately but broke up in 2016 and have been in a mostly on-again, off-again relationship since then.

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Nikki Glaser’s Dating History

who is nikki glaser dating

Pete Lee was once rumored to be dating Glaser. The comedian stated that Lee was her first passion. The couple dated briefly before parting up. Glaser claimed she fell in love with him during a guest performance. However, the second individual had a fiancée, and he chose to remain with her.

Then, Glaser began dating Dan Soder. According to sources, they were together for a very brief period. After his breakup with Glaser, he began dating TV actress Hannah Berner. In 2010, the one-night stand between Glaser and Mike Recine made headlines. They joined forces. Recine was sincere about her and even wanted to marry her despite the one-time nature of their encounter. She disliked him, however.

Similarly, during the 27th season of Dancing with the Stars, Glaser had a one-night stand with radio presenter Bobby Bones. She spoke on the Howard Stern Show about her friendship with Bones.

After all of these relationships and encounters, Glaser began dating TV producer Chris Convy. When they were observed growing closer in the first episode of Not Safe with Nikki Glaser, dating rumors began to circulate. Glaser stated in an interview with The Washington Post that they were together.

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Professional Career of Nikki Glaser

who is nikki glaser dating

Glaser began stand-up comedy at age 18. She wrote her first quips in college. In an interview with Rich Tupica for Revue magazine, she recalled this: “I remember it. As a freshman in college, everyone in my residence used the dining hall as a study hall.

Instead of studying, I went into the room and merely observed and judged the people there, pondering, “What would Sarah Silverman say about these individuals?” I did not know how to compose jokes; I only knew stand-up comedians. I wrote from the perspective of my beloved stand-up comedians because I had yet to determine my own point of view.

Glaser has since performed stand-up comedy on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Conan, and two seasons of the reality television show Last Comic Standing.