Who Is Sam Prince Dating? The Current Romantic Chapter and Past Relationships of The Notable Personality!!

Who Is Sam Prince Dating? At a big dinner party on the TV show Made In Chelsea: Corsica, something surprising happened. It came out that Sam Prince and Yasmine Zweegers had kissed each other. This was a big deal because Sam’s ex-girlfriend Inga Valentiner, whom he had been with for three years, was right there watching it happen. 

Both Sam and Yasmine said that they had liked each other before, even when Sam was still dating Inga. This dinner party became one of the most intense and explosive moments ever on Made In Chelsea. 

Usually, we see people leaving dramatically and saying mean things across the table, but this time was different. It felt very real. People watching had a hard time believing what was happening as Inga started crying at the table. 

We saw in real-time how Inga slowly realized that one of her best friends had hurt her and that the three-year relationship she thought was honest, was actually full of lies. There wasn’t a single person at the table who didn’t feel emotional – even Harvey, who is usually strong, shed a few tears. 

So, now many people are curious and asking, ‘Who is Sam Prince dating?’ They want to know if Yasmine and Sam are just friends or if there’s something romantic between them. In this article, we will give you all the information we know about this question.

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Who Is Sam Prince Dating? In-depth investigation of His Dating Life, Rumors, and Confirmed Relationships!!

who is sam prince dating

As of 2023, There is no confirmed information about who Sam Prince is dating. Fans of Made in Chelsea: Corsica will be aware that he most recently dated Inga Valentiner, but this relationship is over. After calling it quits earlier this year, the couple had only recently gotten back together. A month before departing for Corsica, they had even moved in together.

Sam and Inga separated a few episodes into the Corsica series, with Sam quickly reuniting with Inga’s close friend, Yasmine. This, of course, resulted in a big blowout at possibly the most tense dinner party ever aired, which made for great television.

This isn’t Sam and Inga’s first breakup; Made in Chelsea viewers will recall Inga confessing to snogging Emily Blackwell’s ex Harvey Armstrong, much to Sam’s chagrin, but the pair managed to move on before reuniting.

On this occasion, Inga opted to fly directly home after a confrontation with Sam regarding his intimate interactions with Yasmine, including kissing and sharing a bed, which took place mere days after their breakup. As a result, this incident carries a strong sense of finality in our perception.

Before, Sam was in a relationship with Lottie Tomlinson, who is the sister of Louis Tomlinson from the band One Direction. On TV, he dated Georgia ‘Toff’ Toffolo, and after that, he dated Lottie Moss, who is the half-sister of Kate Moss

But those relationships didn’t work out because people say he was not being faithful. People who watch Made in Chelsea also saw him kissing another person on the show, Verity Bowditch.

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Investigating the Current Relationship Status of Sam Prince and Yasmine Zweegers: Are They Still Together?

While an official confirmation is pending from Sam and Yasmine themselves, numerous indicators strongly suggest the existence of a relationship between them. In our contemporary era, a cursory scroll through social media often reveals more than intended. 

Both Yasmine and Sam have prominently shared multiple pictures featuring each other on their respective Instagram accounts, signaling a connection that goes beyond a mere snapshot or two.

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Within Yasmine’s extensive photo compilation aptly titled ‘A Week in July,’ the recurring presence of Sam becomes evident. A particularly noteworthy moment captured is an image of the two, sharing an affectionate glance at each other during a 1975 concert. 

A keen observer even commented: 

“I’ve got a feeling Yas and Sam Prince have had a thing” 

This sentiment found agreement in another fan’s response: 

“Yeah, you can tell those eyes are vibing” 

Further glimpses into their interactions include a snapshot of Sam cozying up to Yasmine’s pet dog. Although no official confirmation has been provided thus far, their shared moments project an undeniable sense of closeness, extending beyond the confines of their reality show filming.