Who Is Sebastian Croft Dating? The Heartstopper Star Confirmed Dating Co-Star?

Who Is Sebastian Croft Dating? The 20-year-old British actor who is known for his roles in popular shows including HBO’s Game of Thrones, the BAFTA-nominated Horrible Histories: The Movie- Rotten Romans, and Netflix’s Heartstopper is making headlines yet again.

Since he portrayed the role of Ben Hope, a closeted, toxic teen bully, fans have been comparing the real Sebastian Croft with the reel Ben Hope. However, of course, the personalities of the two are polar opposites. Sebastian Croft is a complete sweetheart.

who is sebastian croft dating

However, fans are also curious about the similarities between the two regarding sexuality. Is Sebastian Croft also closeted gay as Ben Hope was? There are also speculations regarding his dating one of his co-stars. Keep reading the article to know the whole story and get a clear answer on if Sebastian Croft is dating his co-star.

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Who Is Sebastian Croft Dating?

As of 2023, Sebastian Croft is currently single not dating anyone. There have been rumors about Sebastian Croft dating Joe Locke, and as much as we wish it was the truth, it is not. Sebastian Croft is just good friends with Joe Locke. The two are extremely close but as friends and nothing more.

The rumors sparked with the pictures the duo posted on social media. fans noticed that the two posted more pictures together than with the rest of the cast members.

In one of the photos, the two stars were seen wearing matching jackets, and in the other where the two are hugging each other, smiling at the camera. However, these pictures do not count as solid evidence of the two dating in real life.

who is sebastian croft dating

Sebastian Croft is currently single and focused on his career. He has made no official announcement or statement regarding his dating life. DailyMail reported in 2022 that Sebastian Croft departed a VIP party held at Mortimer House with Olivia Rodrigo. The duo, walking hand in hand did look cute, but neither of them confirmed their romance and it is assumed that the two are just friends.

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Is Sebastian Croft Gay?

Fans assume that Croft is most probably gay due to his portrayal as Ben Hope in the sweet love story based on a webtoon, heartstopper. However, the actor has not disclosed his sexuality to the media or fans as of yet.

who is sebastian croft dating

Croft has never confirmed or denied any rumors regarding his being gay. The actor has although shown support for the LGBTQ+ community and has been vocal about the prevalent Homophobia in society.