Who Is Shannon Beador Dating? Here’s What We Know About Her Dating Life!

Shannon Beador is an essential person in the world of television reality. She is a personality that people wish to see every day in their daily life. Shanon is a prominent figure in television, appearing in “The Real Housewives of the orange country”. Her powerful acting and authenticity have made her gain huge audiences.

Shanon Beador is a mother of three and a successful entrepreneur. She was well within her relationships and built her business to a great extent. Her charisma on the television screen combined with the reality outside. Now her fans are speculating about her dating status. Please read the article to know more about her dating status.

Who Is Shannon Beador Dating?

who is shannon beador dating

Shannon Beador has reunited with her ex-boyfriend Jason JohnYes, “The Real Housewives Of Orange Country” has recently reunited with her ex-boyfriend Jason John. Recently, the television personality was seen hanging out with her ex-boyfriend. The reunion was confirmed by Shannon’s castmate Tamra Judge through Instagram stories. The news came out on April 21, 2023, when Tamra posted her picture with her husband.

The former gym owner of the series cast member shared rare footage where everyone is engaging in conversation and laughing together to jokes. In one of the videos, it was seen that Shannon was trying to feed Jason John a bite of the desert. After the night on the weekend, the crew, along with John, moved to Los Angeles.

In the comment section of Tamra’s post, fans started doubting their reunion. But, until now, Shannon has not confirmed anything as she keeps everything very low-key. And she is sharing with the media at a minimum. But till now according to the reports both have been spending time together and enjoying.

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What Happened to Shannon and Jason’s Relationship?

who is shannon beador dating

Shannon Beador and Jason John split their relationship after three years of togetherness. They had their breakup on January 12. In the radio interview, Andy, the host, said that breaking ways with Jason John was tough. They both were going well, and it was a healthy relationship. She also stated that Jason was planning to move things to the next level, but suddenly Jason changed his decision.

Jason broke up with Shannon, stating that everything is done for good and that he is happy for her too. Shannon said Jason was very much indulging and ready to move things forward. And suddenly, out of nowhere, Jason told Shannon that he was done with the relationship. He added, “I have never loved anyone close to you as much as I love you”.

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What Is Shannon Beador’s Net Worth?

Shannon is a dynamic television reality person. She has captured the hearts of many people across the globe. In the series “The Real Housewives of the orange country” has been the one that she gained followers and fans across the whole world. The estimated net worth of Shannon is around 20 million dollars. Her financial success can be attributed to various ventures and other endeavours.

Apart from her work on television channels, she I also an entrepreneur. She also has a wellness industry. She launched one prepared food product, and it was called to be “real for real cuisine”. Shannon also stepped out into the world of real estate.