Exclusive: Sodapoppin’s Mystery Dating Revealed!

American Twitch broadcaster and YouTuber Thomas Chance Morris, often known as Sodapoppin, was born on February 15, 1994. As of August 15, 2022, he had one of the highest Twitch audiences, with over 8.7 million followers and over 398.3 million viewers.

He also had over 1.11 million YouTube subscribers and over 444.5 million viewers. Morris is ranked number 10 on Social Blade’s list of Twitch users with the most followers, and he comes in at number 15 on the list of users with the most views overall. He co-owns the game company One True King and contributes to its content.

Who is Sodapoppin Dating?

who is sodapoppin dating

As of April 2023, Sodapoppin Is Dating Vaibae. On-stream, the two became more intimate towards the end of 2021, and earlier this year, they made their relationship public. Even though their relationship has only been together for a short while, Chance and Veibae have survived a slew of unfortunate events and have remained resilient.

Although the precise time they originally connected is uncertain, they made their first significant stream appearance together during Matthew “Mizkif”‘s Parasocial’s VTubers vs. Degens episode. Veibae was assigned to the VTuber side, while Chance was assigned to the Degens team.

The two were able to connect through Parasocial, after which they started spending more time with each other on Discord, and their friendship finally developed into something more, according to Mizkif, who remarked on their relationship months later. Chance’s first stream that displayed their intimacy featured Rob “Roflgator,” a fellow Twitch caster and the couple’s common buddy. On VRChat, the three and a number of other broadcasters hosted a type of dating show where numerous hopefuls made amusing attempts to win Veibae’s attention.

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Sodapoppins Early Life

The Twitch celebrity saw excellent early growth on the site, in part because he had already built up a sizable and devoted following through Xfire. Up until early 2015, Sodapoppin spent most of his time broadcasting World of Warcraft to thousands of viewers on Twitch. Then the seasoned streamer took the bold decision to leave the game that had given him his record-breaking popularity.

Due in large part to the fact that he had already amassed a huge and committed following through Xfire, the Twitch star saw tremendous early growth on the platform. Thousands of people watched Sodapoppin’s World of Warcraft broadcasts on Twitch up to the beginning of 2015.  The seasoned streamer then made the audacious choice to quit the game that had propelled him to unprecedented fame.

After more than 14 years in the live-streaming industry, Sodapoppin has recently become less competitive with its streams, not caring about views or offering the greatest material possible. Although significantly down from his 20,000 average from last year, the Twitch star has nevertheless been able to retain a steady average audience of over 15,000 people.

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What Does Sodapoppins Play?

who is sodapoppin dating

A real variety streamer, Sodapoppin plays practically any Steam game that catches his attention. Since the beginning of 2012, the creator has continued a tradition known as “Shit Show Saturday” in which he plays any games his viewers prefer, albeit these days he chooses games from a list compiled by moderators of his Twitch chat.

Sodapoppin occasionally logs back into World of Warcraft. Whether it’s to play an Iron Man challenge, run some old dungeons with pals, celebrate the debut of Classic or a new expansion, or simply for fun, the celebrity always finds a reason to broadcast his favorite game.

Aside from WoW, Sodapoppin is well-known for his Warcraft III custom game broadcasts and his GTA V roleplay streaming in which he portrays Kevin Whipaloo. Additionally, Sodapoppin is credited as the streamer who popularised Among Us in 2020.