Who Is Sofia Carson Dating? Someone Special in Purple Hearts’ Star’s Life?

Who Is Sofia Carson Dating? The American singer, actress, and songwriter who got her breakout role at the tender age of 22 in Disney’s Descendants, is back on the top of search bars.

The rumours sparked right after her film Purple Hearts was released. The film left fans shipping Sofia and Nicholas hard. The question is still fresh and the fans are curious if Sofia Carson is dating her co-star in real life or if she is already taken.

who is sofia carson dating

Keep reading the article to uncover the secret love life of Sofia Carson. Know if she is dating her ex-co-star or if there is someone else in the Disney girl’s life.

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Who Is Sofia Carson dating?

Sofia Carson is not dating any one at the moment. The actor and singer is currently single. In an interview with Cosmopolitan, Sofia Carson also revealed that she does not intend on dating anyone in Hollywood. The star also made it clear that for now, her number one priority is her career.

“I made a decision about two years ago that I don’t want to date anyone in the business. So as you can imagine, that makes it a little bit difficult.”

who is sofia carson dating

She was also asked about her experiences in dating and if she’d like to meet someone via dating apps. The star responded with a smile that she has never tried any dating app and does not believe in them. If anything, she is ‘dating her career’ right now.

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Was Sofia Carson Dating Nicholas Galitzine?

We can definitely not deny the chemistry between Sofia Carson and Nicholas Galitzine on screen as well as off-screen. The two celebrities appeared in the 2022 Netflix film, Purple Hearts.

who is sofia carson dating

Sofia Carson also admitted to have felt that chemistry with co-star Nicholas Galitzine. In an interview with People magazine, Carson revealed that the two had not met before and their meet just before the shooting started was the first time they had seen each other. They did build up a ‘pretty immediate trust’ with one another but it was all professional.

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Was Sofia Carson Dating Sofia Vergara’s Son?

The American star was also linked with Manola Gonzalez Vergara, Sofia Vergara’s son. The rumours of the two being romantically linked began with an Instagram post the former posted in 2016, captioned “About Last Night”. In the photograph, the two can be seen cuddling. However, the relationship was never confirmed publicly