Who Is Stephen Kasolo? The Famous Gospel Artist You Need to Hear About!

Stephen Kasolo is an awe-inspiring singer and a Kenyan gospel sensation. He has been setting the music scene with his inspiring story of perseverance. Stephen posted his first album ‘Ndikasyoka Thinani’. He also got prestigious Mwafaka grants. And that not only once but twice in 2012 and 2014. His song ‘Kitole’ hit the top of the chart from the subsequent album.

Stephen won the coveted eastern melody of the Year in the Groove grants. His music has touched many hearts and souls of countless people in different parts of the country. The impact of the Kenyan gospel is undeniable. Kadolo’s passion for music has dated back to his childhood. As a gospel recorder and songwriter, he has won millions of hearts.

Stephen Kasolo’s Wedding

who is stephen kasolo


The talented Stephen Kasolo, famous for his gospel music, is hitting everywhere as he has officially tied the knot with his longtime love, Grace. The wedding was a colourful function as all the members of their family, friends and fans alike came together to celebrate their love. They had been together for a long time and were committed to each other.

Recently Kasolo uploaded an apology video for threatening her three-year daughter Shine. The artist has been sincere towards his work. He has remained calm and reasonable in his gospel community. His powerful music and message have collected the hearts of fans. Also, his recent involvement in politics has added to his star power.

As the star sets himself in public service, all the fans eagerly await what’s kept for him in the future. With infectious energy, he can do many things for people. Undoubtedly, Stephen will rank himself up to a great extent. The couple have been married and are living their best life together. All the fans wish him good luck and congratulate him on his success.

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Stephen Kasolo’s Family

So, Stephens’s life is filled with full of difficulties and challenges. He lost both of his parents and even his sister during primary school. He was left alone with his brother, who had mental issues. Therefore his unfailing commitment to god, he survived all the difficulties and completed his education. Despite all the problems, he never gave up and depended on god.

He attended Multimedia University for journalism and pursued a degree. In his first album song, “Yamekuwa Machunga”, he explains his struggles and how he called god for help. In his journey, he also attended secondary school, and during that period, he used to work hard and earn money. Now, today he is a successful gospel artist and a journalist. His story reminded me of the power of silence sn faith in overcoming all the toughest challenges.

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Stephen Kasolo’s Wife

who is stephen kasolo

Love always finds its way, no matter what happens. Kenyan gospel artist Stephen Kasolo revealed his beautiful bride, Grace Mbeneka. They had been living separately for at least five years. They have finally tied the knot and had a stunning garden wedding. Even though they have a child, the beautiful couple had to wait to get officially married before moving in together.

Stephen is a man of god, and those five years were tough for him, but he knew that Grace would be there for him. After all, they have finally planned to move in as they are now officially married couple with a child. Stephen’s marriage was a celebration that everyone waited for.