Do We Know If Talia Mallay Is a Fictional Character or Not in ‘Inventing Anna’?

The mind-blowing true story of convicted fraudster Anna Sorokin is told in the Netflix documentary creating Anna (played by Julia Garner). Sorokin, using the alias Anna Delvey, conned the wealthy of New York City out of tens of thousands of dollars by making them believe she was a German heiress with a $60 million trust fund.

Delvey spent the better part of 2019 behind bars after being convicted of multiple counts of attempted grand larceny, larceny in the second degree, and theft of services.

In Inventing Anna, Delvey’s story is told throughout nine episodes, both from her own point of view and through the eyes of journalist Vivian Kent (Anna Chlumsky). Characters like Delvey’s best friend Neff (played by Alexis Floyd) and her lawyer Todd Spodek (played by Robert Patrick) are based on real individuals, and some have even kept their real names throughout the show (Arian Moayed).

How Plausible Is It that Talia Mallay Actually Exists?

Talia Mallay Is Interesting Since She Is One of The Few Fictional Characters in Inventing Anna Who Isn’t Based on A Historical Figure.

There Is No Mention of Talia Mallay or An Art Collector, but The Netflix Series Is Substantially Inspired by Jessica Pressler’s “how Anna Delvey Fooled New York’s Party People” Piece from The December 2018 Issue of New York Magazine. Maybe Pressler Did Meet Someone Who Was a Lot Like Talia Mallay but Who Also Wished to Stay Secret, or Maybe Delvey’s Affluent Friends Inspired Pressler to Develop the Character.

False-Positive Suspects with A Cheat Sheet Mallay Was Inspired by Surf Lodge and Snow Lodge Aspen’s Jayma Cardoso After Perusing Her Instagram. Delvey Tags Cardoso on September 1, 2014, Photo of A Woman on A Yacht in Ibiza Caption.

who is talia mallay based on

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To Whom Does the Role of Talia Mallay in Inventing Anna Belong?

Talia Mallay, Played by Polish-American Actress Marika Dominiczyk in Inventing Anna.

Domiczyk Has Appeared on Grey’s Anatomy as Dr. Eliza Minnick and On Hawaii Five-O as Lorena Massey, so You May Recognize Her from Either Role. Besides Her Part as Tyler Altamirano in Brothers & Sisters, Domiczyk Is Also Well-Known for Her Appearance as Anna the Nanny in The Help.

Mallay Wed Actor Scott Foley in 2007. Malina Jean, Keller Aleksander, and Konrad Are Their Three Children as A Couple. Dagmara Dominczyk, Who Starred in The Lost Daughter and Succession, Is Her Older Sister.

who is talia mallay based on

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Talia Is a Made-Up Character Inspired by Real Life Socialites.

Talia Mallay Does Not Appear to Be Based on Any Real Person and Does Not Exist. Rather, She Is Almost Certainly a Fictional Representation of The New York City Socialites with Whom Anna Became Acquainted. Some of The Details from Journalist Jessica Pressler’s Magazine Story on Which the Play Is Based — and From Which Inventing Anna Draws — Concern Anna’s Exploits Among the Wealthy and Powerful.

The “untitled Film Still #17” Photograph by Cindy Sherman that Anna Uses to Impress Talia and Which Vivian Later Discovers in Talia’s Mansion Is an Actual Artifact. Sherman Photographed the Image in 1978. a Well-Known Image from A Series in Which Artist Cindy Sherman Portrays Iconic Film Characters, This Photo Has Become an Instant Classic. if You’re Interested in Seeing the Entire Selection, you may do so here.