Who Is the Father of Selena Gomez Baby? Dispelling Rumors and Speculations!!

Who Is the Father of Selena Gomez Baby? Selena Gomes is a talented singer and actress who has captivated her fans globally with her skill set and personal life.

The rumor regarding Selena Gomez’s pregnancy began at the beginning of 2023 and has been on and off since then. The star has been in the headlines for a long regarding her on-and-off relationship with Justin Beiber and the whole Mrs. Hailey Bieber drama.

It is quite common for rumors to swirl around her personal and professional life. Keep reading the article to uncover the truth- Is Selena Gomez pregnant or is it another hoax? And who is the father of Selena Gomez baby?

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Debunking the Rumor: Who Is the Father of Selena Gomez Baby?

who is the father of selena gomez baby

No, Selena Gomez is not pregnant. The rumors began when the star posted her pictures on social media. Selena Gomez looked healthier in the recent pictures, as commented by several fans, and this eventually led to the rumor surrounding her pregnancy.

People have been asking if Selena Gomez had a baby and if she has kids. Some even wonder who the baby’s father would be if she had one. But it’s clear that Selena didn’t have a child, so the question about the baby’s father is unnecessary.

There are also rumors that suggest if Selena had a baby, it might have been Justin Bieber‘s because they were dating at that time. Some people even talk about Selena having a miscarriage or a stillborn baby.

However, all of these are just rumors, and none of them have been proven true. In fact, her feelings of sickness were due to low blood pressure and not because of any pregnancy signs.

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Explaining Selena Gomez’s Baby Bump Rumor: The Real Story!!

who is the father of selena gomez baby

Some fans thought they saw a small baby bump in recent photos of Selena Gomez. But that’s not true; it was something else.

Selena Gomez deals with the effects of her health conditions and the strong medicine she takes for them. She has mentioned that her immune system doesn’t always work properly and can harm her own body. This, along with her diet and medication, causes her weight to go up and down.

Selena still hopes to have her own family in the future and lead a peaceful life with her family and kids. She once said:

“I hope to be married and to be a mom. Eventually, I’m going to be tired of all of this, so I’m probably just going to devote most of my life to philanthropy before I peace out. … Just keeping it real.”

When talking about her future, Selena also mentioned that if she hadn’t become famous and stayed in her hometown of Grand Prairie, Texas, she might have had four kids, whether planned or not. She believes there’s nothing wrong with that life, but she’s grateful for the path she’s on now.