Who Is Tobin Heath Dating? Is She Dating Her Teammate Christen Press?

Who is Tobin Heath Dating? Tobin Heath is a professional soccer player from the United States who plays forward for the national team.

The United States Soccer Federation has said that Heath is “perhaps the USA’s most skilled player,” and in 2016, she was chosen as the U.S. Soccer Athlete of the Year.

If you have been watching women’s soccer, which is becoming more and more famous these days. Tobin Heath is one of the best players on the US national soccer team.

You must have seen her. Many people want to know about her personal life, especially her relationship status. So, who is Tobin Heath dating?

Is she in a relationship or is she single? Let’s go right to it and read the article to get the truth about the soccer player’s relationship status.

Who Is Tobin Heath Dating?

who is tobin heath dating

Tobin Heath is dating Christen Press as of now. Fans believe that they are dating for a long time with some believing they are engaged but this time it feels like they are definitely in some sort of relationship.

Because they walked the red carpet together on ESPY’s 2023 once again like a couple which should be enough to prove that the couple is either dating or engaged.

Tobin Heath was wearing Oofos Slides while Christen Press was in Alexandre Vauthier Dress & Silver Heels and they posed together on the red carpet which might have confirmed their relationship.

Last year their dating rumors got fueled when they walked together ESPYs 2022 red carpet in a similar fashion with their signature pinky fold posing to the cameras.

Christen Press and Tobin Heath are both veterans of the U.S. Women’s National Team. It is said that Heath and Press have been dating since 2015. But neither player has publicly said that they are together or that they are gay.

No matter how they met, they have been close friends for a long time and both played for Manchester United. On each other’s social media accounts, a lot of cute Instagram pictures of the two of them together have been shared.

Heath has a lot of other soccer player friends, but she doesn’t often write birthday posts for them. Instead, they’ve gone on trips and celebrated birthdays together.

Since both Heath and Press use Instagram, they do a lot of PDAs together. Because Press and Heath keep their romance secret, it is not clear if they are engaged or at a dating stage.

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Tobin Heath and Christen Press Are Also Business Partners!

who is tobin heath dating

Tobin Heath and Christen Press are not just lovers they are also partners in business! While they both made their name in the world of sports they are also successful entrepreneurs

Megan Rapinoe and Meghan Klingenberg, both of whom had played for the USWNT before, helped them start their own company, re-inc.

The company’s slogan is “a lifestyle brand built to challenge the status quo.” Their company sells clothes and other lifestyle items that are both gender-neutral and good for the environment.

Fans of the talented pair have made a lot of Instagram accounts. There are a lot of cute videos of Christen Press and Tobin Heath put together by fans on YouTube.

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Fans can’t wait for the day when they will make it official and take the next step towards their dream wedding. Stay tuned to our page for any further updates on their relationship status.