Who Is Trey Makai Dating? The TikTok Star Found His Love Lady?

Who Is Trey Makai Dating? The 21st-century social media star who blasted off to fame overnight, Trey Makai, is again making headlines and the reason this time is his love interest. Born on August 21, 2018, the young TikTok star uploads videos on the social media platform with his partner and friend, Zack Lugo. Makai is currently represented by the well-renowned management company, Next Step Talent.

The enormous number of collaborations made with another star, Chelsea Lascher, made the heads of the fans turn towards the ‘potential couple’. The two have collaborated on projects involving choreography videos and lip-syncing videos. Are the two really dating?

The cat is finally out of the bag. Keep on reading this article to uncover the mystery behind Trey Makai’s love life.

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Who Is Trey Makai Dating?

Trey Makai is not dating anyone as of now. The young TikTok star is single. We conducted thorough research and verified through reliable sources, including his multiple social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and YouTube, and it is safe to say that the star is still single.

who is trey makai dating

The rumours stating his relationship with Chelsea taking a romantic turn are baseless. The two stars are focused on their career and have only collaborated in a professional capacity. The TikTok star also addressed the question on his Snapchat and confirmed that he is currently single as ‘too busy’ to date anyone.

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Is Trey Makai related to Zack Lugo?

Trey Makai and Zack Lugo have been working as a strong duo and social media, providing fans with quality content since they first tasted fame in 2021. The two seem so close that some fans believe that the two are blood-related or cousins.

who is trey makai dating

But the truth is, Zack Lugo and Trey Makai are not brothers or cousins. The two share a close bond and this is what helps them keep going with the multiple social media accounts the duo has been handling. There have also been some bizarre rumours that the two might be romantically involved. However, the rumours are baseless.