Journalist Vivian Kent, from The Book “Inventing Anna”; This Isn’t the Only Bombshell She’s Exposed.

who is vivian kent based on

Anna Delvey, aka Anna Sorokin, the “false heiress” of Netflix’s new series Inventing Anna, scams her way to the top of New York City society. Anna exists, for sure, but not all she says did.

The show’s promo claims that “save for the portions that are absolutely made up,” Inventing Anna is based on a true story. Plus, there are still many unanswered questions. To what extent, for example, did she personally know Billy McFarland, the man behind the ill-fated Fyre Festival? Maybe you’re wondering about her purported lover, Chase Sorokin.

Then there’s Vivian Kent, the reporter for Manhattan Magazine who secretly followed Anna after learning she was fired. Did she finally figure out who Anna was? Find out everything there is to know about Vivian right here, including her current whereabouts!

Journalist Jessica Pressler Served as an Inspiration for Vivian Kent.

Journalist Jessica Pressler Served as The Inspiration for Anna Chlumsky’s Portrayal of Vivian Kent.

According to Her LinkedIn, Pressler Spent the Better Part of A Decade (from 2007 Through 2020) Working as A Contributing Editor at New York Magazine. True to Her Word, She Dug Into Anna Sorokin’s Background. the Netflix Series Was Inspired by Pressler’s 2018 Piece Exposed Anna and Her Lengthy Con.

who is vivian kent based on

Moreover, Pressler’s Own Experiences Inspired Some of Vivian’s Escapades on The Show. I Was Incredibly Pregnant While Covering that Story and Concluded Two Weeks or So Before I Had a Baby,” Pressler told Vulture. Both Vivian and Pressler Were Pregnant when They Tracked Down Anna.

After Anna’s Story Is Published on Tv, Vivian Goes to Germany in Search of Her Parents. Pressler Further, Says, “I Was Hearing so Many Different Stories About Anna, and It Kept Increasing,” and This Is Also (mostly) Accurate. on The Other Hand, Pressler “certainly Did Not Try to Break Into Anyone’s Home,” in contrast to Vivian.

Vivian’s Assistance in Locating Appropriate Attire for Anna to Wear to Her Trial Is Also a Genuine Part of The Story. Pressler Explained that The Trial Was Delayed Because “the Garments Didn’t Get There” During the First Week. “it Wasn’t Just that Anna Wanted to Look Nice in Court; Wearing a Jail Jumpsuit Could Sway the Jury Against the Prisoner. While the Court Does Have Clothing Available for Loan, I Don’t Think Anyone Had Any on The First Day.”

Finally, “during the time when [anna’s Attorney Todd] Spodek or His Assistant Said, “can You Just Go to H&m?” I Agreed, Thinking, “please God, Let’s Get This Done.” Otherwise, This Wardrobe Malfunction Would Have Wasted Everyone’s Time Indefinitely.”

who is vivian kent based on

As a result, It’s Clear that Pressler Served as an Inspiration for Vivian, Despite the fact that She Was Created as A Fictional Character. Pressler Remarked that The Show Had “emotional Truth to It All,” Despite the fact that The Specifics Were Different.

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She Has Written Other Screenplays that Were Ultimately Not Picked up By Hollywood.

Pressler Had Another Plan up Her Sleeve Before She Found Anna. Her Article “The Hustlers at Scores” from 2015 Is Fantastic.

Discovered a Group of Dancers Who Stole Thousands of Dollars from Customers at Strip Clubs. Does any of It Ring a Bell? This Year’s Film Hustlers, Starring Julia Stiles, and Jennifer Lopez, Was Inspired by Pressler’s Story.

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What’s Up, Pressler?

Pressler Moved on To a New Position as A Special Correspondent for Vanity Fair After Leaving New York Magazine in 2020. Presently, She Plays the Role of Producer on The Anna Show.

Pressler Recently Disclosed That, Following the Publication of Her Article, She Received Numerous Offers to Adapt the Subject for The Big Screen.

who is vivian kent based on

“when I Finished the Narrative, I Was Still a Few Weeks Away from Having a Baby, but The Phone Calls Started Coming in From Everyone I’ve Ever Looked up To in The Entertainment World. You’d Think It’d Be Fantastic and A Dream Come True, but The Reality Was that I Had to Say No to Everyone but One Person “as Reported by Shondaland, She Reportedly Remarked.

Pressler Was Surprised to Learn that She Would Be Working as The Show’s Producer. “if I’m Being Absolutely Honest, I Don’t Think That Was Even My Idea. My Agent Probably Brought It Up. as For Me, It Wasn’t Too Significant “she Elaborated

“a Writer Should Feel Invested in And a Part of Any Project Based on Their Work, Even if They Had No Hand in Making It. My Role in The Production of Inventing Anna Was Also Not Hands-On, but The Door Was Always Open.”

She Now Finds Great Pleasure in Interacting with Inventing Anna’s Followers on Twitter by Discussing the Show and Providing Exclusive Behind-The-Scenes Details.

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Pressler Retweeted a Video of Julia Garner Discussing how She Came up With Anna’s Accent for The Show, Stating, “Because This Is Shaping up To Be the Number #1 Question: Yes, that Is *exactly* What She Sounds Like, And Julia Garner Is a Genius.” (to Be Honest, It’s Very Cool.)

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