How Jodie Joe Changed After Her Surgery?

Yodit Yemane suffered a drastic physical transformation after receiving cosmetic surgery. Many people were dubious of the model’s new look because of her drastic bodily change, but her admirers and following couldn’t be happier with her metamorphosis.

Yodit Yemane was featured in Tyga’s music video for “Move To L. A.” and also appeared on MTV’s improv show Wild ‘N Out. Yodit Yemane, popularly known as Jodie Joe, is universally praised for her beauty.

The stunning photos of the Eritrean-born model’s figure have her devoted followers going wild. The model got her start at a young age and has since been in a number of TV series and music videos.

Who Is This Yodit Yemane Guy?

Who Is This Yodit Yemane Guy?

Yodit Yemane is an American TV personality, Instagram phenomenon, and model. Social media photographs of her hourglass figure went viral and left her fans gasping for air.

However, the model has received backlash for both the drastic change in her physical look and the wider lips that resulted from it. Yodit Yemane’s lifelong dream was to be a model. As a result, she started working in the industry when she was still a high school student, which is unusual.

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The Morning Routine of Yodit Yemane

The Morning Routine of Yodit Yemane

Yodit Yemane came into the world on June 23, 1997. The 24-year-old beauty was born in Boca Raton, Florida, United States. Model of Eritrean descent, she has always aimed high. Similar to other aspiring models, she moved to Los Angeles with hopes of breaking into the fashion industry.

When Yodit was in high school, she decided she wanted to be a model. She had a number of jobs in the fashion industry and rose quickly through the ranks of up-and-coming young models.

The aspirations of being a successful model, TV personality, and Instagram influencer were also attained by her. She has also collaborated with many iterations of the Fashion Nova and Pretty Little Thing online apparel retailers.

The model, who has been featured on Nick Cannon’s show Wild N Out, has a trim waist and ample upper and lower body that complement each other. This opens up a lot of doors for her in the fashion industry.

Images of “Before” and “After” Jodie Joe


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America’s Jodie Joe has walked the runway for Fashion Nova and Pretty Little Thing. She is not just a video vixen but also a TV celebrity and Instagram sensation. To date, Jodie has modeled for pretty much every major online clothing retailer.

The adolescent model has a considerable following on Instagram. A segment featuring her aired on Nick Cannon’s Wild N Out show on MTV. Jodie appears to have worked hard at the gym, adhered to a tight diet, or undergone cosmetic surgery to get her small waist and pert breasts. Follow the link to see before and after photos of our Jodie Joe having surgery.

The Case of Jodie Joe, Before and After Surgery

It’s still not known if she had plastic surgery or if her look is entirely natural. There are also several movies and still photographs of her that serve as comparisons that can be found online. Yodit’s larger lips and hourglass figure elicit several inquiries.

There is reason to believe that she has undergone some sort of cosmetic surgery to get her current appearance. But she hasn’t said whether or not she’s had the procedure. The authenticity of her appearance is up for debate.

Joe has loved fashion ever since she was a little girl, and she made her debut as a model when she was a senior in high school. For more information on Jodie Joe, please see her bio below.