There Is Controversy Over Dream Works’ New Animated Logo on Social Media.!

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Controversy Over Dream Works' New Animated Logo on Social Media

DreamWorks recently released a brand-new animated logo, and reviews of it have been conflicting.

The Universal Pictures-owned American animation company makes some of the biggest motion pictures and television shows ever.

The most well-known family films from DreamWorks include Shrek, Madagascar, Kung Fu Panda, The Prince of Egypt, and Megamind.

All of the studio’s productions begin with their wistful logo, which is a youngster on the moon with a fishing line.

Some people don’t like DreamWorks’ new logo since it makes them think of their youth.

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The production company debuted its new 33-second animated logo on Twitter on Friday, November 25.

The story begins with the boy on the moon, who then sees some of the most well-known figures from DreamWorks, such as Po from King Fu Panda and Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon.

The branding also includes Boss Baby, Trolls, The Bad Guys, and Shrek, highlighting some of DreamWorks’ most well-liked and lucrative motion pictures.

The new artwork will debut at the beginning of DreamWorks‘ next movie Puss in Boots: The Last Wish, which hits theatres on November 26.

View the updated logo below:

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Logo-Divides-Twitter”>New Logo Divides Twitter

DreamWorks’ new logo, which has received a lot of varied online feedback, has sparked some debate on Twitter.

A commenter who loves the animation said, “The new DreamWorks logo is lovely.”

Another person exclaimed, “I really believe the new DreamWorks looks AMAZING!”

Controversy Over Dream Works' New Animated Logo on Social Media

I enjoy the new DreamWorks logo since it makes me think of all of my favourite movies, someone else tweeted.

Others, though, have no interest in it at all, and many are indignant that it doesn’t include any of the studio’s earlier films.

One commenter asked: “Great logo, but why were none of your 2D animated films mentioned? Road to El Dorado, Sinbad, Prince of Egypt, and Joseph, King of Dreams?

“I don’t like the new DreamWorks logo,”

said another.

“This is the most garish logo opener I’ve ever seen for a movie studio,” a third person said. This is not intended for a movie; it is for an amusement park.

Someone else tweeted, “I prefer the previous logo frankly, this seems a little excessive.”

Steven Spielberg, a co-founder, created the original DreamWorks logo in 1994, which features a youngster fishing on a crescent moon.

A motion graphic was created from a painting of the logo created by an illustrator by the name of Robert Hunt.

Controversy Over Dream Works' New Animated Logo on Social Media

Californian companies Industrial Light & Magic, Kaleidoscope Films, Dave Carson, and Clint Goldman worked together to produce the digital image.

The logo was then used to launch all DreamWorks productions for many years, along with specially composed music by John Williams.


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