Lizzo Playing James Madison’s Crystal Flute ‘Offended’ Candace Owens!

lizzo flute controversy

Candace Owens compared Lizzo’s performance on stage to vandalism and stated that she is “offended” by the way the artist handled a 200-year-old crystal flute that was originally owned by former President James Madison.

Lizzo used the instrument that the Library of Congress had lent her for a brief period of time during her performance on Tuesday in Washington, D.C. The flute was given to Madison in recognition of his second inauguration in 1813.

In a video Lizzo posted on Twitter, the flutist was seen practicing before handing the instrument back to a handler and saying: “B***h, I just twerked while playing James Madison’s antique crystal flute. Just now, history was made.”

As the incident generated discussion on social media, a statement posted on the Library of Congress’ verified Twitter account provided assurance that the flute, which the Capitol Police had accompanied to the event, was in good hands.

The tweet from Wednesday stated, “For those worried about the flute: Music Division curators made sure it could be performed without damage.” “In truth, occurrences of this nature are not all that uncommon. Some of the precious instruments in the Library were donated with the requirement that they are used and kept in working order.”

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Conservative commentator Owens included herself in the group of critics, claiming in a recent episode of her program Candace that it was all a broader plot to advance the cause of those with “nefarious goals.”

lizzo flute controversy

Owens has earned a reputation for criticizing a number of high-profile celebrities over the years, including Harry Styles, Chrissy Teigen, Cardi B, Kim Kardashian, and Kris Jenner. Her opinions have caused a rift with Lizzo’s “Rumors” co-star Cardi, which has resulted in threats of legal action from both sides.

Owens questioned why Lizzo was given the chance to play the flute and responded: “They are giving her a gift that is really meaningful. I won’t lie; I’m offended by the manner in which they gave it to her and the manner in which she used it.”

No, she is defiling history here, Owens said, not making it. “It’s like spray-painting graffiti on a historic structure and declaring it to be art. It’s not art, no. We won’t refer to it as art. We won’t refer to it as making history.

“But she fails to notice that. She believes that these groups approached her with these possibilities because they genuinely care about her. In truth, they do it because they despise their followers and want to corrupt them.

That does not desire for more individuals to succeed as Lizzo did.” After that, Owens reiterated how much she enjoyed Lizzo’s music but questioned how she “contributes” to the business.

lizzo flute controversy

“She has a tonne of talent, in my opinion,” Owens remarked. “She can play the flute, which I appreciate. She plays other instruments well, and I adore her musical contributions. I simply wish she would make a worthwhile contribution. I wish she would realize that while many people see her as talented, some of them have ulterior motives.

“And because their true goal is to enslave the rest of you, they are using her to persuade society’s members to adopt terrible ideals. They do not desire productivity among all people. Because it is not how the world operates, they do not want everyone to get up every day, go to work, and earn a lot of money.”

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Owens continued: “The possessors want to maintain a steady population of the possessors. That is a fact, not the result of a conspiracy. The idea that there are individuals out there who want you to eat rubbish is not a conspiracy.

lizzo flute controversy

It is not a conspiracy to believe that there are those who seek to harm your psychological immune system, keep you continually in a condition of terror, or force you to always keep a handout.

“And it takes a certain amount of skill for them to manipulate you into being that kind of person—one who will depend on handouts and government assistance for the rest of their lives. Through Hollywood, that is. They don’t even realize they’re playing because of individuals like Cardi B and Lizzo, who don’t realize they are pieces in a chess game.”

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