90-Day Fiancé: Ben and Mahogany Are Still Together or Not?

The ’90-Day-Fiance’ It has been revealed through spoilers that Mahogany Roca and Ben Rathbun have just started promoting their new work on social media. There were a number of issues with the narrative of the 90-Day Fiancé spinoff with Ben, 52, and Mahogany, 22.

TLC initially fueled rumors that Mahogany wasn’t a genuine Peruvian woman by repeatedly airing doctored photos of her and remaining mum on whether or not she existed. They suspected that she might be a foreign con artist and wondered if she might be a man.

Even though Ben had dealt with someone similar before, Mahogany was 100% real. Despite this, she lied to Ben about her age and where she lived, and she flat-out refused to call him her “boyfriend.” Ben and Mahogany’s revelation of their intimate time together during the Tell-All came as a shock to everyone.

An engagement between Ben and Mahogany has been announced.

An engagement between Ben and Mahogany has been announced.

Meanwhile, the most recent video shows that the couple is not only together but also engaged. Ben can be seen strolling along a Lima beach as he reveals his future plans to Mahogany’s devoted supporters. He does concede, though, that it will be a “very terrible, hard journey” since their love will be misunderstood.

Subsequently, Ben is spotted at a jewelry store, where he purchases an elaborate 18-karat white gold engagement ring for Mahogany. The seller claimed the ring originated in Paris, prompting Ben to declare his undying love for it in the same breath as his devotion to Mahogany.

Rathbun claims that nobody believed him when he started dating Mahogany, but that he is going to marry her anyhow. Moving on, we now find our 90-Day Fiancé couple at La Milonga del SanTito, the restaurant where he first laid eyes on her in the TLC reality series.

After that, he made Mahogany his partner by proposing to her, and she accepted. Ben continued by saying that her dad (who is approximately the same age as him) had given his approval to the marriage.

Mahogany shows off her ring while proudly showing off the fact that she is now “off the market, everybody” as Ben chimes in. Rathbun then starts a slideshow of himself and Mahogany from various dates.

Fans first questioned Ben and Mahogany’s trip on 90 Day Fiancé, but it appears that the couple is for real. We all know how much TLC is like a good narrative, so it’s possible that the catfishing plot was planted there on purpose.

Meanwhile, Ben and Mahogany appear to be returning to reality television. At the end of July, they were apparently spotted on set in Peru. Season 10 of 90 Day Fiancé could include a storyline involving the spring/autumn couple.

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Can you tell me about Ben Rathbun and Mahogany Roca?

Can you tell me about Ben Rathbun and Mahogany Roca?

Ben Rathbun met Peruvian Mahogany Roca on the internet and began dating her. Despite previous disappointment with a catfish account, 52-year-old Benjamin chose to visit Peru in order to meet Mahogany. This occurred after they formed a spiritual link that led to romantic feelings.

Soon after, Ben claimed that everything that had happened was part of God’s plan, and he and the Peruvian beauty were married after only three short months. Despite Mahogany’s various lies, including her claim that she was 24 when she was actually 22, Ben remained unfazed.

She said she was living with her parents, but she was actually living alone in a swanky apartment, and she used too many filters on her face during their video talks to make it seem like she was someone else entirely.

Ben lost faith and began to wonder whether he had been conned when the Peruvian beauty ghosted him, saying she did not perceive him as her partner. Ben had given Mahogany the address of the Peruvian eatery where they had planned to meet in a last-ditch effort to alter her mind about going with him.

As the international law and human rights student delayed her arrival, tensions rose between her and the other participant.