The “Perfect Match” Stars Joey And Kariselle Are They Both Still together?

All of the contestants on Perfect Match are well-known names from different Netflix reality series, but the structure of the dating program is actually quite different.

Several of the cast had already met at events or through the industry circle, whether or not you’ve already watched them try to find love; however, none shared as much of a history as Joey Sasso and Kariselle Snow.

The two had previously dated irregularly, with Kariselle blaming Joey’s lack of dedication as the reason why their relationship had failed. 

When they found out they were both in the Netflix series, their relationship was renewed quite quickly, despite Kariselle being open about her doubts and worries that anything would actually change.

They remained together for the majority of Perfect Match’s run despite this. Their final date was when everything reached its peak when Joey unexpectedly proposed to her.

The question between fans right now is if the couple is still together after engagement or not.

Are Joey And Kariselle Still Together?

Are Joey And Kariselle Still Together

There is no proof that Joey And Kariselle are still dating. Recent images from Kariselle’s Instagram account, indicate that they could not be together.

There is no engagement ring on her ring finger in her most recent post. Moreover, singer-songwriter Kariselle recently shared a video of herself singing Demi Lovato’s “Stone Cold” with a statement that might have referred to her and Joey breaking up.

“Singing is literally my therapy”

A recent video of Joey without a ring is also on his TikTok. Despite this, there’s a good chance that the couple is secretly married or is still engaged. This might be the case because they were told to hold off on revealing anything on their feeds until after the season finale has aired. 

Journey Of Joey And Kariselle In The Show “Perfect Match”

Are Joey And Kariselle Still Together

Kariselle and Joey were both taken aback, as they encountered one another as the first competitors in the Perfect Match villa. Kariselle was not sure about giving him another chance as they discussed their past. Though, She accepted to be Joey’s match after he acknowledged his continued love for her.

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The happy reunion runs into some trouble at the first “compatibility challenge” of the show. Throughout the game, Joey acknowledges that he still has feelings for his ex. She questioned why he would attempt to start a relationship with her if he hadn’t let go of the past. 

After that, she admits to Francesca that she would be “quite open” to going on a date with someone new.

The following day, Kariselle is arranged to go on a date with Chase DeMoor, which turns out to be a great success. The two even entered the villa together hand in hand and share a kiss later that night.

Then, when Joey notices them kissing, he gets angry. Joey nevertheless doesn’t interfere then and places the cards on Kariselle’s table while promising to return home if she doesn’t pick him up.

Despite their argument, she decides to choose Joey again. Since then, they have been matched and started acting more positively in their relationship.

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February 21, the second batch of episodes, Joey eventually asks Kariselle to not only be his match in the house but also his girlfriend. Kariselle accepts with pleasure, and everyone in the house celebrates.

Joey and Kariselle are unquestionably the most lasting and stable relationship in the villa by the season’s final drop.

Then, Joey surprises everyone by proposing to Kariselle during their final date! He claims that after asking her father for permission, they then called his mother to inform her of the situation. 

Are Joey And Kariselle Still Together

Even though they lose the grand prize in the finale panel, they couldn’t be happier as they announce their engagement to the audience.