“The Challenge: Ride Or Dies” Star Johnny And Moriah Are Still Together?

are johnny and moriah still together

The relentless reality TV program “The Challenge” on MTV pits contestants against one another in grueling tests for a chance to win a million dollars in cash. In season 38, the spotlight was focused on Moriah Jadea, the rookie, and Johnny Bananas, the seven-time champion. 

They are the favorite couple of the public, and they are constantly shipped. The two appeared to be developing a romantic relationship, and they continued to tease their followers without providing any specific information. Let’s examine the couple’s trajectory in detail.

Journey Of “The Challenge” Star Johnny And Moriah

are johnny and moriah still together

On the other hand, Moriah Jadea is a beginner yet a valuable model and social media influencer. Johnny Bananas Devenanzio has been a lengthy fixture on reality television. He is well known for his streak on “The Challenge,” which set a record. This season, Moriah was partnered with Faysal Shawn, while Olivia Kaiser was Johnny’s partner. 

Because of their brewing chemistry on the current, the two managed to be the antithesis of the town even if they weren’t competing as a crew. Although most of their interactions take place behind the scenes, in the show “The Challenge” game show romance was not much.

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Moriah beforehand acknowledged that Johnny wasn’t her type, and she had declined his initial approaches since she didn’t find superficial relationships to be appealing. But he managed to win her over all at once with his tender gestures, like making her coffee and breakfast. When Johnny created romantic poems, love notes, and objects for her, he significantly raised the standard.

He handled her somewhat differently from his previous romances with the present, according to the other contenders. Johnny was playing the guitar behind the scenes to try to win Moriah over, but she resisted him and didn’t rush into anything because of her beliefs and values.

Are Johnny And Moriah Still Together?

In short, the answer is that Yes, Johnny Bananas Devenanzio and Moriah Jadea are still together and in a relationship. While competing, it appears that Johnny and Moriah grew close. The two have been observed spending a lot of time together and exchanging kisses at various times.

Because of his age and height, Johnny Bananas was not Moriah’s ideal type, but when she discussed their relationship in an interview with the official podcast, she fell in love with his sense of humor right away.

are johnny and moriah still together

Recent statements made by Bananas about their dedicated “challenge” relationship were made on a podcast. The host of the show continued by saying that it was unusual for guests to connect with someone from the game, despite the fact that the new connection had received criticism. Some, including seasoned champion Paulie Calafiore, disparaged the couple while outright making fun of Moriah for dating Bananas.

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Others, like Moriah’s frequent shipmate Faysal Shafaat, don’t seem surprised by this discovery and point out that they both have similar personalities. He approached her in a different way than he had previously courted other cast members, according to Aneesa Ferreira.

According to rumors, Bananas has been pursuing Moriah for days and has even tried to woo her by playing a guitar solo for her. These two appear to be really dating.

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