Are “Bachelor In Paradise” Couple Danielle Maltby And Michael Allio Still Together?

Although Bachelor in Paradise is renowned for its turmoil, two of the participants have shown that love can be found on the shore. When it seemed like Michael’s time in Paradise was coming to an end in Week 4, the newly formed couple began to take shape. 

The favorite dad of Bachelor Nation, who had recently split up with Sierra Jackson, had no apparent ties before Danielle showed up at the rose ceremony.

Since she last appeared in the franchise in 2016 on The Bachelor and in 2017 on Paradise Season 4, Danielle’s entry at first came as a huge surprise. 

But as soon as the initial thrill passed, it was clear that Sarah and Michael had found a spark in one another. It wasn’t that shocking when Michael and Danielle eventually left the island together since they were able to dodge most of the drama that beset their fellow Paradise contestants after becoming together. 

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Danielle expressed her want to meet Michael’s son James, and Michael assured Danielle that his late wife “would be glad it was you”. She continued, speaking candidly about her personal experience with loss while preparing for her future with Michael, “I hope you know I’d never try and, like, step in.” But are Michael and Danielle still dating months after Paradise was filmed?

Are Danielle And Michael Still Together?

are danielle and michael still together

The couple claimed They Are Still Going Strong during the season 8 reunion, which was shot in November 2022. Michael’s home state of Ohio is where Danielle Maltby even intends to move from Colorado, but they are “taking things easy” and won’t be living together right now.

Michael and Danielle left a significant signal that they were still dating in August 2022 even though they were meant to be hiding following their time on the ABC show.

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Wells Adams, the bartender who works at Bachelor In Paradise, married Sarah Hyland, the Modern Family actress, and a photograph of the couple cuddled up for a group shot at the wedding has since surfaced online. Additionally, there were other recordings of them dancing together that was going around on social media.

The Pair Were Still Together At The Beginning of 2023, as Michael said in February that he was assisting Danielle with moving in with him in Ohio.

“Bachelor In Paradise”: What Happened During The Season?

are danielle and michael still together

Michael Allio initially became friends with Sierra Jackson. But by week two, Michael had made up his mind to give up.

When Sierra asked him about it, Michael said:

“The past couple of days, I’ve been taking time to enjoy where we’re at, knowing that this whole thing moves so quickly. But at the same time, things take time. I can’t put my finger on it, there’s something [missing] with us. I know you can feel me being guarded. I don’t mean to do that. I really don’t.”

He said: 

“I’m trying to find a way back to happiness and the thing that scares me the most is that I’m using people that I actually care about to help me get there, and I’m hurting them along the way…. I care so much about you. I don’t want you to be one of those. I think the best thing now is just space from the romantic pressure and just be friends.”

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Sierra added on camera: 

“I’m sad. I really, really care for him. I still do care for him. I don’t wish anything bad upon him. I have to respect what he needs because that’s what you do when you care about someone.”