Are SK And Raven Still Together? Here’s Why Fans Feel Bad For Raven

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Are SK And Raven Still Together?

In the third season of Love Is Blind, viewers are curious as to whether Raven Ross and Sikiru “SK” Alagbada are still together. Fans continue to ponder whether the lovely couple is content with one another after their reunion on the show.

If you’re one of those people who is interested in learning more about the couple’s relationship status, you’ve come to the perfect place. Continue reading by scrolling down!

Are SK And Raven Still Together?

Are SK And Raven Still Together?

No, SK And Raven Are Not Together Anymore. Raven stated that she and SK broke up after he cheated on her in the final episode of the February 2023 Love Is Blind: After the Altar special.

“That really sucks. Since then, a lot has changed. My world is completely different. Because SK cheated on me, and now our relationship is over. It’s so crazy to watch it back and remember my feelings then,” Raven recalled in a tape she took on her phone months after she and SK reengaged on “Love Is Blind”: After the Altar

The majority of the show’s followers are already extremely disappointed with SK, despite the fact that it is still unknown with whom he cheated on Raven.

While many people online are cheering for Raven, SK is facing a lot of hatred. One of the show’s viewers shared the following opinion:

“Men like SK are very good at portraying the perfect man; there was nothing you could have done to see through his exterior a true narcissist. Forgive yourself for being vulnerable and allow yourself to do it again; we have all come across a SK before, and get over them you will find a way too ❤️,” the fan commented.

After SK told Raven “I do not” at the altar of their wedding, their relationship ended in episode 10 of the third season of Love Is Blind.

“Today, Raven, we both know how we feel about each other. I love you. However, we have a very unique and complex set of circumstances. I feel like today is not the best time for us to do this,” said SK after breaking up with Raven.

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What Happened Between SK And Raven In “Love Is Blind”?

Are SK And Raven Still Together?

Since this is not the first time SK has toyed with Raven, the show’s viewers are absolutely fed up with him. After SK told Raven “I do not” at the altar of their wedding, their relationship ended in episode 10 of the third season of Love Is Blind.

Although they reconciled for a while, fans were disappointed that Raven was unhappy, turning what might have been one of her most memorable days into one of the worst.

Even though November 5, 2022, was such a bad day for her, she still publishes images of her wedding on that day.

“Here’s a few of my favorite moments from our wedding day. Thank you to everyone who made it the most special day in such a short amount of time! Even though the outcome wasn’t ideal I will cherish these moments forever and ever! 🤍🤍🤍” she captioned.

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Where Is Raven Now?

Are SK And Raven Still Together?

Pilates Body Hotties, a group that encourages people to get in shape and look gorgeous with Pilates exercises, was started by Raven Ross.

Raven is currently quite active on her social media accounts, such as Instagram and YouTube, where she posts fitness videos for pilates.

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