Is Eddie Murphy Dating Or Married? Everything About His Dating History 

Eddie Murphy has had a remarkable career, appearing in films including Shrek, Beverly Hills Cop, and Saturday Night Live. His impact on Hollywood cannot be disputed. The actor-comedian hasn’t had as much luck finding love, though. The Coming to America actor has fathered 10 children since welcoming his first child, son Eric Murphy, in 1989 with then-girlfriend Paulette McNeely. He’s also had a few relationships that made news. Eddie Murphy’s life was then abruptly entered by Paige Butcher.

Despite the occasional turmoil, Murphy wasn’t aloof from interpersonal interactions. He met his equal in 2012 when he started dating Paige Butcher at the age of 51. They’ve had a long engagement (Murphy proposed in 2018), and they’ve gotten good at raising a blended family.

Eddie Murphy: Who Is He?

In the 1980s, Eddie Murphy—real name Edward Regan Murphy—became a well-known American comedian, actor, and singer. On April 3, 1961, he was born in Brooklyn, New York. His humor was mostly autobiographical, astute, and on occasion crude and offensive. He was also a skilled impersonator. Murphy was only 19 years old and had only been doing stand-up comedy in New York City since he was a teenager when he joined the cast of Saturday Night Live in 1980, according to Britannica.  Eddie Murphy dating

He quickly rose to the position of the show’s lead performer and developed a number of memorable characters, including Tyrone Green, a poet in prison, a grumpy version of the clay animation character Gumby, and Mister Robinson, a spoof of children’s show host Mister Rogers.

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Paige Butcher: Eddie Murphy’s New Girlfriend 

Paige Butcher, who was born in Perth, Western Australia, started modeling when she was a little child because, as she remarked to Vanity Fair in 2013, it ran in her family. Her mother was a fashion designer, while her father, Robert Butcher, was a model. So, Butcher remembered, “I was modeling for my mom’s stuff, and everyone said, ‘You could be a model.'”

Butcher began modeling for photographs “when I was seven or eight,” and at the age of 13, “started really taking it more seriously.” Her career ultimately took off, garnering her a number of prestigious jobs, including the swimsuit issue cover of Maxim in 2004. Eddie Murphy dating

Butcher made her film debut in the 2003 film Something’s Gotta Give. She then played Background Model #1 in the 2006 film Big Momma’s House 2. Butcher’s acting career ended there, although it was on the set of the latter that she first met Eddie Murphy. Even though originally nothing transpired, the experience would profoundly alter her future.

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Everything You Need To Know About Eddie Murphy’s Dating History

Here is a look back at Eddie Murphy’s love life, from his long-term associations to his more recent unions (including his 14-day marriage to producer Tracey Edmonds).

Whitney Houston

Eddie Murphy dating

Although the late Whitney Houston and her ex-husband Bobby Brown are frequently mentioned together, the singer pursued a romance with Murphy in the middle of the 1980s and grew deeply in love with the comedian.

Nicole Murphy

In 1988, Murphy began dating the model Nicole Mitchell; they were wed in 1993. Eddie Murphy dating

Together, the couple gave birth to five children: son Myles, daughters Bria, Shayne, Zola, and Bella. After 12 years of marriage, Nicole asked for a divorce from Murphy in 2005.

Paulette McNeely

Sometime in 1989, Murphy and Paulette McNeely allegedly began dating; however, little is known about their union. A boy named Eric was born to the couple on July 10, 1989, only a few months after Murphy’s first kid with Nicole was born.

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Tamara Hood

Murphy started dating Tamara Hood sometime in 1990, and the two had a son, Christian, in November of that same year.

Although not much is known about the relationship between Murphy and Hood, their son Christian has posted pictures of his family’s holiday celebrations with Murphy and his half-siblings on Instagram.

Melanie Brown

Murphy and Spice Girl Mel B had a kid together in 2006, who they called Angel Iris. Eddie Murphy dating

Brown has consistently maintained that she and Murphy planned their pregnancy and even had plans to wed, even though Murphy originally contested Angel’s paternity.

Tracey Edmonds

Before parting ways, Murphy and TV producer Tracey Edmonds had a passionate romance and a brief, symbolic marriage. The two announced their breakup in January 2008 after becoming engaged in 2007.