Jayson Tatum and Girlfriend Ella Mai: Their Relationship and Family Life?

Ella Mai, the girlfriend of Celtics player Jayson Tatum, is a British singer. During the month of July 2022, Tatum and Ella were first sighted together. Jayson is an NBA player for the Boston Celtics from the United States, and Ella is a Grammy-winning performer from the United Kingdom.

Both are household names on their own, but when they’re together, they’re a celebrity power couple deserving of a red carpet. For the perennial title contender Celtics, Jayson Tatum is the rock they can always count on. Nonetheless, he hopes to propose to someone in the near future.

It’s too early to tell, but Tatum and Ella Mai appear like ideal pairs. It was reported in The New York Post that the basketball star and the British singer made their relationship public during a Fourth of July party given by Michael Rubin.

Speculation Concerning Jayson Tatum and Ella Mai

As Heavy reports, dating suspicions between Mai and Tatum began in early 2019 after deleted footage showed Tatum attending her Baltimore performance just hours after he played for the Celtics in Boston.

The pair also sported a youthful glow as they strolled hand in hand at businessman and philanthropist Michael Rubin’s Fourth of July White Party in the Hamptons the same year (2022). Will Makris, a businessman, caught the scene on camera and uploaded it on YouTube.

According to HITC, they started going out in October 2020, during the NBA offseason. Neither party has commented on the rumors.

Have Any of Jayson Tatum’s Children Already Grown Up?

Given his young age (he’s only 22), you might also be curious as to whether or not NBA player Jayson Tatum has any children. But again, it’s not unheard of for athletes to have a family at a young age, especially if they’ve been together with their high school sweetheart for a while.

Jayson Christopher Tatum Jr. is the only child of Jayson Tatum and his longtime partner Toriah. On the same day that Tatum Sr. had a son, December 7th, 2017, he recorded a double-double that helped the Celtics beat the Mavericks.

It’s easy to see that Jayson Tatum is a doting father just perusing some of his posts about his baby on social media. There are many precious images of Tatum and his son, Tatum Jr., together at various stages of his life, from when the baby was a newborn to when he was a toddler joining his father in basketball court celebrations. As Jayson Tatum’s NBA career progresses, fans will be eager to learn if he and Toriah Lachell tie the knot and start a family.

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Tatum enjoys developing in tandem with him.

Tatum enjoys developing in tandem with him.

Tatum loves that he and his son can “grow up together,” which is a unique experience for such a young parent. Tatum said in 2022, “That he will be able to follow my career and, as he matures, communicate with me and recall past experiences is very fascinating. Being a young father has certain advantages.”

The basketball player continued on the topic of Deuce’s admirers, saying, “There is always a roar whenever he enters the stadium for a home game. When he attends away games or events like All-Star [Weekend], the crowd chants his name. He’s got his own unique character.”

The NBA player made huge pancakes for Deuce’s fifth birthday and gave him a shout-out on Instagram. “As in, “Deuce Day!” To the person, I love more than anything in the entire world: Happy Fifth Birthday! Have a heart, youngster, “Tatum and his son annotated a slideshow of family photos.

There’s some promise for his basketball career.

Grant Williams, a member of the Boston Celtics, has praised Deuce’s basketball abilities. Deuce has even helped Tatum’s colleagues by providing them with water and towels.

Williams praised the player’s passing skills, saying, “He’s a tremendous passer.” in The Boston Globe. “Sometimes he passes the ball better than his father. However, he has improved tremendously. Now both hands are equally effective dribbling tools. His shooting from 3-point range is impressive. His arrival is imminent. It’s only a matter of time before he arrives.”