Love Island Stars Johnny Lee And Cely Still Together?

Even though Cely Vazquez and Johnny Middlebrooks, stars of Love Island U.S., were a fan favorite couple in Season 2, they split up soon after the end of the program. Just over three months after the season finale aired, Cely tweeted on January 9 that she and Johnny were no longer together because “you’ve all been such a close part of our relationship.” Although our relationship has always been public, I do ask that you accept this choice and our need for solitude at this time.

While she was grateful for her time with Johnny, she continued by saying that there was “no reason” to speculate about what caused their breakup and that it was “just time” for them to each concentrate on their individual travels. She concluded, “I hope that you will continue to support each of us individually as we move forward, heal, and pursue our aspirations.

How Did Johnny And Cely From Love Island USA Break Up?

They split up by “mutual accord,” Johnny clarified in an Instagram video, and they haven’t communicated since January 6, 2021. Having said that, he finds it very upsetting when Cely repeatedly implies that “something unpleasant” occurred between them, perhaps in an effort to sway supporters in favor of her.

Johnny thanked Cely on his Instagram Story for their time together, so the two seem to have broken up amicably.

“I sincerely appreciate everything. I value the time we shared on this fantastic voyage together, “He composed. “We spent a great time together, laughed a lot, and made memories that I will treasure always. We appreciate all of our fans’ love and support throughout the process. lots of love.” is johnny lee and cely still together

The split seemed amicable at the time. However, Johnny accused Cely of misled followers about how their relationship ended on social media in the weeks that followed. In a since-deleted Instagram video, Johnny claimed that their choice to break up was “a mutual accord,” and he expressed irritation that Cely kept hinting that “anything bad” transpired between them. Also referred to as “messy,” Cely recorded a YouTube video “less than 24 hours [after mine] and the entire time she’s throwing shots at me,” according to Johnny.

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On February 17, Cely announced the precise date of the split in a YouTube video. She gave Johnny and herself a trip to Hawaii for Christmas in December 2020. Sadly, “things didn’t work out. He stayed since I arrived home early, she said, smiling incredulously as she sipped her wine. But Cely continued, “I’m just doing my best to distance myself from that situation now. Sincerely, I’ve moved on, and I’m urging everyone else to do the same. is johnny lee and cely still together

Given the problems with trust brought on by Johnny’s Casa Amor escapades with Mercades, islanders, relatives, and fans expressed doubts about their relationship’s ability to continue over the long term from the beginning. At the time, Cely and Johnny claimed that overcoming that challenge made them stronger. Every time we overcame a barrier, Johnny commented, “I felt so much more confident in me and Cely. The obstacles and everything were so stressful to go through. “With her, I undoubtedly feel strong. Moving forward, we are undoubtedly in agreement with everything, therefore we are not overly concerned with what others may think.”

That obstacle may have been too challenging to overcome in the end.

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