“The Latest on Madison Bailey’s Dating Life: Is She Single or Taken?”

Since 2020, Outer Banks star Madison Bailey has been dating his girlfriend, Mariah Linney, and they are very happy together.

The actress said she was pansexual in May 2020 and confirmed her relationship with the former basketball player from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte in a cute TikTok video the following month.

Bailey lip-synced to a voiceover in the clip that said, “I’m not falling, I’m not falling, I’m not falling … OK, I’m falling.” She then brought Linney into the frame, and the two of them hugged.

Since their first post on social media, the couple has continued to share snippets of their relationship on their own social media channels, such as shopping trips, vacations, and just hanging out.

Bailey told Entertainment Tonight in 2020, not long after they began dating, that their relationship was “very serious.” “I didn’t think twice about posting about it on social media because I thought, “No matter what, you will always be in my life.” I care so much about her.

She has a soft heart and is kind and loving. You can tell this by how much she loves basketball and her family. The things she cares about show how loyal and devoted she is. I’m pretty sure I’m in love.”

She Used To Play Basketball Professionally

Linney has been playing basketball for most of her life. She started when she was a child. During her last year of high school, she was named Miss Basketball in the state of South Carolina by the High School Sports Report.

During her high school basketball career, she won a number of other awards, such as the Post and Courier Player of the Year and the USA Today High School Sports State Player of the Year.

She went on to play guard for the women’s basketball team at the University of North Carolina Charlotte until she graduated in 2021. Linney quit basketball after her last season with the 49ers.

She wrote on Instagram, “I never thought I’d see the day basketball was over for me because it was my childhood dream to play professionally, but I’m ready to move on in my life and find my other passion.”

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Who is Madison Bailey Dating in 2023?

is madison bailey dating someone

Sorry, but Madison is no longer available for dating. She is in a relationship with Mariah Linney, who used to play basketball for UNC Charlotte. In 2020, they met through the popular app TikTok, which lets people share videos.

Madison watched some of Mariah’s TikTok videos, then looked her up on Instagram and sent her a message about meeting up. They talked face-to-face, and the rest is history.

They often post cute couple photos on their own Instagram pages, make cute TikToks together, and leave flirty comments under each other’s posts. We’re so glad Madison is happy!