After “Too Hot to Handle,”Are Nathan and Holly Still Together?

In its short time on Netflix, ‘Too Hot to Handle’ has established itself as one of the most provocative dating reality series in the world.

The show’s popularity grows with each new season, and it’s easy to see why: the engaging format and intriguing characters of the contestants, who are put in the awkward position of having to socialize and form genuine connections with one another without engaging in any physical intimacy, make each episode more exciting than the last.

Season 3 of the show brought an outrageous cast of flirty singles who found themselves in paradise, only to find themselves caught up in an unprecedented $200,000 celibacy challenge.

Now that we’ve caught up on the happenings of this absolutely gripping show, it’s time to investigate whether or not the season’s most expensive couple, Nathan Soan Mngomezulu and Holly Scarfone, are still together.

From Too Hot to Handle, it’s Nathan and Holly.

From Too Hot to Handle, it's Nathan and Holly.

In the opening episode of season three, Nathan and Holly felt an instant physical attraction to one another and pursued it on the very first day of their vacation at the tropical hideaway. After the first introductions, the two were clear about where they were with one another.

They slept together passionately, made out during a wild game (before Lana’s sex ban went into effect), and gushed over each other’s beauty throughout the day. But they quickly became the most expensive pair that anybody knew.

They lost thirty thousand dollars because they couldn’t hold it together and shared five passionate kisses in one night. Right then, despite the fact that they were breaking more rules and dealing with a major personal issue, things began to turn around for the two.

It seems that Nathan and Holly bonded more deeply as a result of the time and care they invested in one another. On the other hand, Nathan went along with date requests from new competitors while playing down the seriousness of the situation.

Holly and Nathan’s relationship was strained after the truth came out, but Nathan consistently won her back with his charming personality. Both parties lost a total of $150,000 due to their intense desire to have sex, which led to Nathan’s dismissal from the program.

Seeing the sadness on his face as he said goodbye to Holly was enough to make even AI Lana reconsider giving love another shot. He showed her, in a passionate one-on-one session, that their connection went far beyond physical.

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Is Holly’s relationship with Nathan still going strong?

Despite their hints that they might reconcile, Holly and Nathan are no longer an item. Holly elaborated on this on the Too Hot to Handle reunion show, which was shot before the cast began promoting season three in the middle of January “We’re still really close to one another.

Our friendship is so special to me. We hold each other in high esteem and get along famously. There’s no way I can claim it was a bust.” Nathan concurred, saying, “I wouldn’t say it didn’t work out.” “It’s not easy.”

Holly stated that the couple broke up because of the COVID-19 epidemic and subsequent lockdowns “I was within the final months of finishing my degree. Timing is everything. The same goes for the carrying out of the plan.”

Season 3 of “Too Hot to Handle”: A Comprehensive Guide

Holly was first envious of her co-stars’ attention to Nathan, but she eventually realized she needed to allow him space to make his own choices. She was gushing, “I don’t blame them because he’s an amazing guy.”

“It’s tough for me to watch a little bit because it’s human nature to want to protect the one you love, but I respect and love Nathan enough to let him have his space and I know that if he wants me, he’ll come back. This is the normal course of a date. A man cannot be suffocated.

On the January 26 reunion, Holly and Nathan said they broke up after filming ended because of their distance and her hectic schedule as a college student. She assured Us that she does not regret anything that has happened, although she did say that she would not make a certain choice again.

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Romantic Attempts That Didn’t Work Out

Romantic Attempts That Didn't Work Out

Her one regret was the $69,000 she spent on a single kiss with Nathan in a private suite. Saying, “That was a bit ludicrous.” Holly knew that viewers would have strong feelings about season 3 before it came out, but she was ready for anything.

I think people [judge] anyway,” she replied, referring to people in general. The situation is now somewhat more open to the public, correct? Powerful amplification. However, that’s the way things are. There’s no shame in showing some vulnerability, and everyone is entitled to their own opinion. That’s the way life is.