After Dating for 18 Years, Nathan Lane Gets Married to Devlin Elliott

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American actor and author Nathan Lane were born Joseph Lane. He has a strong reputation for both his funny and dramatic acting performances. He has won three Tony Awards over the course of his nearly forty-year career and is a household name as a result.

Nathan’s professional success has focused the spotlight on his private life. The New Jersey native has settled down with his long-term boyfriend, Devlin Elliott, and they appear to be quite content. Who, then, is Nathan Lane’s spouse? In this piece, we will get to know him better. What follows is the narrative of how these two people fell in love.

Exposing the life of Nathan Lane

Exposing the life of Nathan Lane

On this day in 1956 (Friday, February 3), Nathan Lane was born in Jersey City, New Jersey. Joseph Lane is his real name, but Nathan is what he’s known as among pals. In 357 days from now, he will become 67 years old. BirthdayDetails is a great resource to find out more about this day and your own birthday.

Nathan is a member of the Boomer generation, born in the year of the Monkey, with the Otter as his spirit animal. The Aquarius zodiac sign represents those with a birthday on February 3. Forecasting with horoscopes. Performers in such films as The Producers, Guys, and Dolls, and The Birdcage (starring Robin Williams), among others.

In the 1994 Disney picture The Lion King, he provided the voice for the role of Timon. His parents were Irish immigrants, and he and his brothers, Robert and Daniel, grew up in Jersey City, New Jersey. With Devlin Elliott, he tied the knot in 2015.

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Couple Spouse and Partner Nathan Lane What’s up with Nathan Lane? Is he gay?

The two have built a beautiful life together, and Nathan couldn’t be happier. What’s up with Nathan Lane? Does he have a gay friend? Nathan Lane is a homosexual man; yes. At age 21, he came out to the world as gay. Also, Nathan Lane is the kind of genuine, regular guy who puts a premium on his close friendships and family ties.

However, Nathan Lane has kept a low profile in regard to his personal life up until his recent marriage. Nathan Lane and Devlin Elliot have been in a relationship for 20 years.

What we do know about Devlin Elliott, Nathan Lane’s husband:

What we do know about Devlin Elliott, Nathan Lane's husband:

Theater producer and writer Devlin made his film debut in 2001’s The X-Files, playing a pizza delivery man. He’s been in both Frasier and Sabrina the Teenage Witch. Though Devlin has a Twitter account, he hasn’t posted to it since 2017.

In 2015, Devlin (now 48) and Nathan (now 64) tied the knot in front of close family and friends in New York City Hall. Although they’ve never shared a stage together, the pair have collaborated together on a children’s book. Inspiring the book was their French bulldog, Naughty Mabel, who was nine years old at the time the book came published.

She’s become our version of a child, Devlin told USA Today, and “truly all she wants is for you to take her up and cradle her like a baby.” After that, Nathan said “She can be a touch neurotic and clingy. Comparable to sharing a house with a supermodel. Even more so now that she’s a famous person, it’s tough.”

According to this interview with The Daily Beast, Nathan and Devlin have a house in East Hampton, where they allegedly spend their time in isolation. Out in the Hamptons, “we’re battling the overprivileged for toilet paper — and making the most of it,” Nathan remarked.

We can only presume that Nathan and Devlin are still together because of how secretive they are about their relationship, but we have no idea what became of their French bulldog, who would be 14 years old at this point. Nathan gave a moving acceptance speech for his third Tony Award in 2018 and made sure to give special thanks to Devlin.

Nathan addressed the audience, “To my wonderful husband, Devlin Elliott. About eight years ago, I realized I had more to give as an actor and decided I wanted to spice things up, terrify myself, and challenge myself more. The prize is a wonderful affirmation that I have been heading in the right direction, and this performance represents the fruition of a lot of hard work.”

From Nathan’s remarks, it’s clear that Devlin is a big fan of Nathan’s still-thriving profession, just as Nathan undoubtedly is of Devlin’s. In The Hamptons, I hope they found some toilet paper.

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