Reza’s Husband Says He Doesn’t Want Children Anymore!

Reza Farahan expresses his appreciation to his spouse Adam Neely. The Shahs of Sunset star recently shared a sweet message to his wife on Instagram. On Thursday, April 14, Reza turned to social media to praise his husband.

An outside restaurant setting provides the perfect backdrop for this radiant portrait of a smiling couple. Along with a picture of himself and his spouse cuddling, Reza captioned it, “I adore my lovely and gorgeous hubby, @theadamneely,” adding the hashtag “my love.”

Not only does he show his gratitude, but so do others. Adam added his own heartfelt note in the comment section, saying, “I adore my spouse too!!! When I’m with you, I feel beautiful on the inside and out. Golnesa “GG” Gharachedaghi, another cast member from “Shahs of Sunset,” had to weigh in on the cute photo.

“Wow! Wow, such a fantastic snapshot! She concluded her letter with the phrase “Down to ride til the very end,” referring to the couple’s willingness to stay together despite the hardships they’ve faced. The sentiments of the group were summed up by Lilly Ghalichi of Shahs of Sunset, who said, “You guys are the prettiest!”

In October, Reza and Adam marked their fifth wedding anniversary. Adam posted an Instagram photo and caption that said, “Happy anniversary to my one @rezafarahan.” We’ve been married for five years, and here’s to many more!

Destiny and Ali inform Reza they’ve suspected infidelity on Adam’s part.

Destiny and Ali inform Reza they've suspected infidelity on Adam's part.

Destiney Rose’s buddy Ali is introduced to us via flashbacks to their first encounter days before the housewarming celebration that the premiere centers on. Ali tells Adam that he’s been getting some less-than-innocent communications from him, including pictures of his privates.

While Reza was out, Ali says, he overheard Adam and several friends playing a game of nude Jenga. Nothing about these accusations bodes well for the already-struggling pair. Destiney, wanting to look out for her pal, decided to have a talk with Reza about it.

And he responded much more coolly than he normally would, but still made it obvious that behavior like that was unacceptable in their partnership. He said, “I want to know, and I want to ask,” putting his mind at ease when Destiney broke the news to him.

“Whatever it is, I’m delighted you guys are telling me. Either we’ll be together or we won’t, but either way, I’m glad. Many, many thanks!” Reza concedes that he must talk to his husband about the reports and make up his own mind.

He assures Mike and Destiney that he will investigate the situation thoroughly. “One of two things is happening: either something strange is occurring, or nothing at all unusual is occurring. Whatever the case may be, I’d rather you folks just tell me.”

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Adam Neely does a lot of work in the background.

While everyone is aware that Reza Farahan enjoys being the focus of attention, it is Adam Neely who really operates the camera. Adam has worked in the editing room on numerous high-profile series, including “Glee,” “American Horror Story,” and “The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story,” all created by Ryan Murphy.

Adam described working with Murphy in The Daily Dish as “simply like seeing a painter making his canvas seem gorgeous.” “He is a pleasure to collaborate with. He often provided people with chances to stretch themselves and grow.”

Moreover, Adam has stated that he enjoys “having my hand in every cookie jar,” which is why he and Murphy are a great match for each other and their many shows.

He also mentioned how “you get to put your own little stamp on it and just make it a little bit of your own” while working on Ryan’s pilots, which is why he enjoys doing so.

Naturally, he enjoys praise for his efforts and was thrilled when “The People v. O.J. Simpson” won several Emmys in 2016. He remarked at the time, “It was great to see all the hard work pay off.”

Adam has now taken a hiatus from working with Murphy, and in that time he has served as first assistant editor on “The Babysitter,” “Polaroid,” and two episodes of “Empire” in 2020. Wow, it looks like Reza found himself a real worker!

Adam is the subject of some unflattering rumors about his fidelity.

Adam is the subject of some unflattering rumors about his fidelity.

The Shahs of Sunset cast member Destiney Rose learned via her friend Ali Ashouri that Adam Neely was getting frisky when Reza Farahan was out of town, as shown in a clip from season 8 posted on Bravo TV’s official YouTube page.

Rose claims that her acquaintance informed her that Adam had played a naked Jenga game with a number of his pals, while Reza was out of town. After a short conversation, Mike Shouhed and Rose informed Reza about the rumors.

Saharan, to the delight of his adoring public, managed to appear unflappable on the surface. He even expressed his satisfaction that they had approached him with their problems. Afterward, Reza is overheard saying, “Right now, none of this makes any sense to me.”

Is my spouse having an affair, and am I the only one who has no idea what’s going on, while everyone else is laughing at my expense behind my back? Although it was never made clear on the broadcast if or how Reza brought this up with Adam.

However, Reza recently revealed on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen that he was shocked to find that her spouse was participating in strip Jenga games with other guys.

The cast member of Shahs of Sunset subsequently said that the pair’s relationship is not ‘open’ in any sense, thus such conduct would be inappropriate. Reza went on to say that the talk had been like opening Pandora’s box for the pair and that he couldn’t say how they handled it.