Why Did Thierry Henry Divorce His Wife and Who He Fell in Love with After?

is thierry henry married

Arsenal legend Thierry Henry’s lovely girlfriend is Andrea Rajacic. Keep reading to find out more about Thierry Henry’s girlfriend. There is no denying that Thierry Henry is one of the all-time great goal-scorers in football.

The former French international scored historic goals and created astounding records for the Gunners, some of which have yet to be broken. The star player has a record four Golden Boot awards, and he has won the Premier League twice with Arsenal. As a result, many young football players look up to Henry as an idol.

Even though he has won numerous awards in his professional life, we chose to investigate his personal life and learn more about his long-term relationship.

Age of Thierry Henry

Age of Thierry Henry

Trained in France The age of Thierry Henry is 45. On August 17, 1977, he entered the world. Thierry Henry, a French citizen, does not identify with any religion.

Additionally, he stands at a towering 6 feet 1 inch (1.88m) and tips the scales at around 83 kilograms (kilograms) (198 lbs). He has a muscular build, and his hair and eyes are both blacks.

Post-Separation Romance for Thierry Henry

Henry and Rajacic reportedly started dating in December of 2008, per the Independent. The French soccer coach also got divorced that month. While she was in Barcelona to see her older sister, he reportedly introduced themselves to her.

Unfortunately, neither of them shared the news of their meeting. It was around the time of Henry’s divorce that the couple was first seen publicly together, on vacation in the Maldives. Several photographs of them together were taken following that incident, thus it appears that this is true.

Henry’s girlfriend is Bosnian and was a model when they first met. Also hailing from Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Rajacic is the daughter of a renowned plastic surgeon. In Kuwait, her parents have a medical practice.

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Is Andrea Rajacic Thierry Henry’s Wife or Girlfriend?

Is Andrea Rajacic Thierry Henry's Wife or Girlfriend?

No public evidence of a marriage between Henry and Rajacic has surfaced as of yet. In light of this, it’s reasonable to assume they’re just two people who get along well and ignore the marriage rumors.
The couple has proven time and time again that they are living together peacefully.

The Sun said that in July 2018, Henry and Rajacic went to Ibiza to celebrate the nuptials of soccer player Cesc Fabregas and his bride Daniella Semaan. The tabloid at the time referred to Rajacic as Henry’s “companion,” rather than his “wife.”

While Henry isn’t on Instagram, neither he nor Rajacic, a former soccer star, will be posting any cute couple goals anytime soon. But at the moment, she is in charge of a secret Instagram account that they share.

Henry, Thierry — Separated from Ex-Wife Claire Merry

It may come as a surprise to learn that Thierry Henry tied the knot with his longtime girlfriend turned wife Claire Merry in 2003. After dating for two years, the couple tied the knot in a magnificent ceremony held at Highclere Castle in Berkshire.

It all began on the set of a commercial for the Renault Clio, where the former couple had met. In the middle of the 2000s, Henry and Claire announced they were expecting their first child together. Claire eventually gave birth to Tea Henry, Henry’s first child.

Henry often expresses his affection for his daughter in public and discusses how becoming a father altered his perspective. This unquestionably shows how much he adores his newborn.

However, it didn’t last long and the marriage ended. After discovering some shady text messages and images on Henry’s phone, Claire immediately accused him of infidelity. Makeup artist Sadie Hewlett was specifically named as the person Thierry was said to be dating.

Claire filed for divorce and it was finalized in 2007. The divorce settlement for Henry was very expensive for him as well. Claire received a settlement payment of $10 million from the French player.

On top of that, Claire wanted half of his Hampstead mansion, which is valued at over $5.9 million, plus his share of the money from his infamous endorsement deals with McDonald’s and Pringles.

Witness Thierry Henry’s meeting with Anthony Joshua, the heavyweight champion, in this video.

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