Are Jordana And Sam Dating: Insides Of Sam And Jordana’s Relationship

The tension between longtime friends and roommates Sam Logan and Jordana Barnes is evident in the Season 5 trailer. The reality stars continue to maintain that their connection is completely platonic despite previously refuting reports of dating. After seeing their heated makeout session in the trailer, fans are uncertain if this is still the case. Here are some important details concerning Sam and Jordana’s complicated relationship.

Are Sam And Jordana Dating? 

Jordana admitted in the show that she didn’t think Sam valued her and that she was really more worried about other girls attending parties at his place because she was in love with him. 

Sam Logan was astonished to learn of Jordana’s feelings because he wanted to keep their friendship intact for the rest of his life. Given how strange the scenario was, he pleaded with her to be patient.

Sam and Jordana have been friends for more than ten years and will soon start a business together. Sam was urged to date Jordana by his mother and his buddy Mike since they thought she was a wonderful woman.

Sam was advised by Mike to give Jordana a chance because she was his best friend and he enjoyed having her around. He didn’t want him to lose a friend over his fear of destroying their friendship.

Later, at a party, Sam informed Jordana that he would regret ruining their friendship if he did so.

Jordana thought it would be worth a shot, though, and at the episode’s conclusion, the two were spotted kissing. It’s unknown whether the couple will pursue a romantic relationship immediately away or try to keep things platonic first.

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Regarding Jordana And Sam’s Kiss, Meghan Bischoff Speaks Out

Sam affirmed that his relationship with Jordana is only that of platonic friends, but it didn’t stop his ex-girlfriend Meghan Bischoff from being furious.

She implied that Jordana would require therapy after being engaged with Sam when she said she would share therapist referrals with her after watching the video of the two of them kissing.

jordana and sam dating

Meghan was disturbed by their closeness and has stopped following them both on social media. It’s unclear why Meghan was so outraged by the kiss since Sam and she haven’t been together in a while.

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Jordana Is Not Shown In The Best Light By Siesta Key

Jordana was grateful when she saw her friend’s thoughtful letter. Jordana stated in her letter, “So grateful for you,” praising Sam for being a wonderful friend. Jordana claims that no matter what she was going through, he was always there for her and always made an effort to cheer her up when she was unhappy. The Siesta Key actress adds that she thinks her late brother, who died in a vehicle accident, would have adored Sam, and she wishes he could have known him.

Sam’s tweet to Jordana was incredibly kind, especially in light of all the negative fan feedback. The reality is that because Siesta Key is edited to make it as enjoyable as possible, viewers can never get an accurate portrayal of its actors. This occasionally necessitates creating commotion and maligning celebrities. Before criticizing Jordana, fans should take this into consideration. Even Juliette has developed a liking for Jordana and has begun to view her differently. jordana and sam dating

While there’s been some drama with Jordana and Chloe this season, no one else has a problem with her, and fans should read Sam’s tweet over again to remember that Jordana is a good person, even if Siesta Key doesn’t do a great job at showcasing her. As Juliette explained, Jordana has gone through a lot and has many layers that aren’t always displayed in the reality series. Hopefully, Sam’s tweet made Jordana’s day, and the love from her friend outweighed all the negativity she’s been getting from fans. Hopefully, Siesta Key fans will be nicer to her from now on.

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