Lil Romeo Confirms Relationship with Drew Sangster: Inside Their Love Story

Romeo Miller now has another reason to be happy, despite the fact that he is no longer the hugely successful kid celebrity he once was. On February 14, Romeo announced that he and his partner Drew Sangster have become parents for the first time. The video is posted on Instagram to announce the birth of their child. Many people are already speculating about Romeo’s girlfriend in the wake of the revelation.

Romeo Miller, A Rapper And Actor, Is Dating Drew Sangster

After spending Thanksgiving 2020 together, the couple first went public with their romance, with Romeo Miller making it Instagram official on November 27, 2020.

On The Mix on Fox Soul, Miller first spoke about his connection with Sangster. “I’ve been single for like four years,” he stated, “and I promised God no matter how good I believe someone is, I’ll let Him reveal who He knows is good for me.”

lil romeo dating

He claimed Sangster invited him to Thanksgiving dinner, wrote him a handwritten letter listing 138 reasons she was glad she met him, and gave him a book about the pandemic every month.

“Growing up in this industry, I’ve always understood the value and the balance of having my privacy especially when it comes to dating,” Miller said of the importance of the couple keeping their romance hidden.

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Who Is The Girlfriend Of Romeo Miller?

By all accounts, Drew Sangster is a rather low-profile individual. She co-founded Drewyco, which has a link on her private Instagram account with less than 2,000 followers. In order to give diapers, wipes, and other needs to at-risk communities around the US, Drewyco sells supplies for infants and new parents.

lil romeo dating

Given this goal, a portion of every sale made to Drewyco will be donated to a number of children’s organizations. Drewyco is obviously where she spends most of her attention, but aside from that, she doesn’t have a sizable online presence.

Even though Drewyco doesn’t spend a lot of time posting online, her aspirations are excellent, and they indicate that Romeo has chosen a wonderful partner to spend the rest of his life with.

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Romeo waited to announce his daughter’s birth?

The rapper announced on Instagram that he and Drew Sangster, his girlfriend, had welcomed their first child. Miller didn’t specify the exact time of their daughter’s birth, but he did note that he and Sangster waited to share the news until they were certain “our baby girl got here safe and healthy.”

He added with a video of the happy couple sharing the good news with friends and family, “It’s been hard to hold this in, but it was important for us to make sure our baby girl got here safe and healthy before making any announcements to the world during this sacred journey. Psalms 127:3 Behold, children are a heritage from the LORD, the fruit of the womb a reward.”

lil romeo dating

“My great granny always said if you live long enough, you’ll realize that everything (and the best things) are on God’s time, never yours. The best Valentines ever,” He went on. “Been waiting for this moment my entire life. Thank you @drewsangster. I’m a #GirlDad babbbbbyyy.”