“Sarah Paulson and [Holland Taylor’s]: A Look at Their Love Story”

sarah paulson dating

First, let’s get this out of the way. Of course, I am fascinated by the romance between Sarah Paulson (age 46) and Holland Taylor (age 78), as I am a lesbian with a well-documented preference for older partners.

Reportedly meeting at a party while Paulson was seeing another lady (actor Cherry Jones), Paulson later told The New York Times that Taylor was “perhaps the most beautiful gorgeous woman I’d ever seen.” I’m hatching a plan!

Paulson has said, “My choices in love relationships have not been traditional, and so the thought that it is ‘other’ makes it appealing,” which suggests that the concept of “I Want What They Have-ing” a lesbian couple might seem voyeuristic.

Just because I’m homosexual doesn’t mean I have a free license to stare, but maybe I do. Approximately how much? I guess all I can say is that those who aren’t used to seeing relationships like theirs portrayed in the media could go a bit overboard when confronted with capital-R Representation.

Keep scrolling to relive Paulson and Taylor’s fairytale romance:

  • One Year From Now, In January 2020

The Pennsylvania native joked that the Mrs. America alum’s continued relationship with her was a “mystery” in an exclusive interview with Us Weekly.

When I first met Sarah, I was taken aback. “It’s not surprising that we love each other and respond to each other in this manner, but the fact that she would make a commitment like this and spend her life with me is a continual surprise every day,” Taylor told Us at the time.

To top it all off, she called Paulson “the center of her life” and praised him for being “extremely bold” and “very real” for being in a relationship with such a significant age difference.

“I essentially am following her path and I’m blessed,” she said.

  • The year 2020’s September

Harper’s Bazaar conducted an interview with the Run star and Roxanne Gay after the virtual 2020 Primetime Emmy Awards when they talked about the media’s obsession with their age difference.

To paraphrase Paulson, “our own ageist mentality and the concept that to be old is to cease to have any drive” is to blame. She said, “anybody says anything about any person I love in a way that is rude or nasty and I want to cut a bitch,” despite the most favorable responses to her relationship.

  • December of 2020

Taylor posted a sweet message on Instagram for her 46-year-old girlfriend’s birthday. With the caption “Yes, but listen— y’all have no idea,” she shared a photo of Paulson in what seems to be a restaurant booth. To my special someone: Happy Birthday! @mssarahcatharinepaulson, I’m very happy you came into this world.

sarah paulson dating

  • January of 2021

In honor of her partner’s 78th birthday, Paulson posted a photo on her Instagram account. She captioned a black and white snapshot of the artist with, “All roads lead me to this face, those eyes, that soul.” To put it plainly, I can’t imagine life without you. You’ve got your work cut out for you, child. Now and forever.”

sarah paulson dating

  • January 2022

A year later, the American Crime Story star posted a selfie of himself and the actress from The Orville with the remark, “Love of my life. Just one. In other words, it’s the only one. The 14th of January is my most beloved day of the year.

A day devoted to openly honoring you. @hollandtaylor I couldn’t be more blessed. Nothing else compares to my love for you. In closing, she wished her “poetic beautiful sweetheart” a happy birthday.

sarah paulson dating

  • April 2022

Paulson attended the final performance of Taylor’s off-Broadway run as ANN at the Pasadena Theatre to offer her support for her. Along with a snapshot of Taylor performing, she captioned it, “The love of my life @hollandtaylor is finishing her concert tonight” on Instagram.

For the last seven years, and counting, I have loved her, but today, as she guides this production to a safe landing, I have never loved her more than I do right now. She’s an artist down to her bones… I have a soft spot in my heart for brilliant people. “That is the honest-to-God truth.”

To be inspired by the talent of the person you live your life with is the most amazing thing in the world,” Paulson added gushingly about her lover. “I adore you, I admire you, I worship you, @hollandtaylor,” she tweeted.

sarah paulson dating

  • September 2022

Taylor accompanied her boyfriend on a romantic red carpet-date at the Emmys. Paulson wore a unique two-piece ensemble from Louis Vuitton in a deep purple hue, complete with a jeweled belt. Meanwhile, Taylor sported a black top and leggings, gold jewelry, and a gold and black tweed jacket.

Because of her nomination for lead actress in American Crime Story: Impeachment for her portrayal of Linda Tripp, Gloria Bell made sure to allow her leading woman some time on the carpet for solo shots.

sarah paulson dating

  • Date: November 2022

Paulson captioned a Thanksgiving photo she took with Taylor with the word “Thankful.”

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