Angela Simmons’s Dating History: Who Is She Dating in 2023?

who is angela simmons dating

Fans were first to Angela Simmons in 2005 when her family’s reality program “Run’s House” premiered. Her older sister, Vanessa Simmons, was also featured in the MTV reality show. Simmons’s love life and personal life became public knowledge because of her high profile. Many fans are still curious about Angela Simmons’s romantic status and past relationships, despite the passage of time.

Relationship rumors between Angela Simmons and Yo Gotti, a famous rapper and business magnate, have been widely circulated.

Tell Alexa to play “Down in the DM” by Yo Gotti. It’s no secret that Angela Simmons likes to keep her personal life under wraps, but recent Instagram pictures by both her and rapper Yo Gotti hint at a possible relationship.

Observant followers and The Shade Room helped spread the news that Angela and Yo Gotti were seen on vacation in Dubai on October 23, 2022. ATV fun in the desert was shared by both parties in their own posts. Despite Angela and Gotti’s best efforts to avoid being tagged in one other’s videos, their relationship is unmistakable.

Angela and Gotti also shared a video of them opening a door to reveal the stunning view of the Effiel Tower in Paris, which was adorned with shimmering gold illumination. The fact that both films had the same perspective has led people to speculate that a romantic relationship is in the works.

Angela and Gotti were reportedly seen having a good time at a club together a month prior to this incredible revelation, as reported by Hot 97.

In 2015, after the success of his song “Down in the DM,” Gotti made an attempt at a relationship with Angela, who is well-known to fans of both artists. Hot 97 said that Angela never gave Gotti any attention and that Gotti, age 41, had unfollowed Angela on Instagram after learning that she was already taken.

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A song titled “Down in the DM” was released in 2015 in which the rapper professed his feelings for Simmons.

As they say, “it all happens in the DM.” Yo Gotti finally got the girl he’d been crushing on for years after singing about her in his famous song “Down in the DM.” During the last weekend, the pair made their love official by posting several affectionate images of themselves online.

Simmons, 35, posted a series of pictures to Instagram showing herself in a black sequined gown and the rapper in a black suit for an upscale photoshoot that included a Rolls-Royce. The successful entrepreneur captioned the photo, “You are all I need and more.”

Following this, she posted an image from inside the car showing Yo Gotti, 41, filling her champagne glass. Meanwhile, she posted the words “Happier than ever” over a black background on her Instagram Stories.

Yo Gotti (real name: Mario Mims) posted a video of himself assessing her attire and wishing her a happy new year while saying, “you’re looking nice.” As the post’s caption, he said, “Ain lost a crush since High School.”

One of the photographs he posted during the session showed him gripping her behind while leaning against the automobile. He captioned the image, “Happy New Year 2023 #CMG.” It wasn’t until Yo Gotti’s 2015 smash song “Down in the DM” that rumors began to circulate about his crush on Simmons.

He then went on to rap, “And I just followed Angela (Simmons)/Boy, I have a love on Angela Simmons/They like, ‘Damn Gotti, you brazen.'” Just tell the world about my plans because “F— it.” After she became engaged to Sutton Tennyson in 2017, he wrote “Save It for Me” about her again.

Rapping, he said things like, “Her n— cuffed her, married, that got me madder.” He then gave Angela his phone. The fact is that I desire her even more, but I accept his decision and am moving on. Perhaps my mentioning her name prompted him to act more quickly.

On November 3, 2018, Simmons’ ex-boyfriend Tennyson was fatally shot. Sutton Joseph, their son, is now six years old.

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