Kelsi Taylor, Dane Cook’s Much Younger Fiancee, Has Been Dating Him

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Dane Cook proposed to his longtime girlfriend, Kelsi Taylor. After five happy years together, on July 13, 2022, the comedian proposed in York Beach, Maine. To return there five years later was special to us since it was our first trip together when we started dating,” Cook says exclusively to People.

“Since I spent a lot of time there as a kid, it holds a special place in my heart. While she was still alive, my mother desired that her ashes be scattered from the top of Cape Neddick Point, near the Nubble Lighthouse, where our family cottage stands. I knew I was at the correct spot.”

Taylor continued by saying that she was completely taken aback by the engagement “startling realization… At the news, I gave my mother a big embrace and immediately started making plans to FaceTime the rest of my family.

My relatives are crazy with him, so they naturally celebrated our engagement with great joy.” In November of 2022, Cook told People that he was already fantasizing about starting a family with his wife.

The comic was all set to “be really honest with you” and couldn’t wait to do it. “Really, all I am doing is getting pumped up about the prospect. I like watching her sister with her new newborn nephew or niece.

And I’m all with it since she enjoys it so much and because I adore We’ll have a look into it later on when the time is perfect.” Despite Cook’s fame from his appearances in Good Luck Chuck and My Best Friend’s Girl, you’ll find everything you need to know about his fiancee right here.

Dane Cook Names His Future Wife His “Best Friend,” Despite the fact that She Is 27 Years Younger than He.

In the celebrity world, it’s not unusual for one partner to be significantly younger than the other, but Dane’s relationship with Kelsi Taylor, who was born in 1998, has drawn significant attention owing to the large age gap between them.

The friendship between Dane and Kelsi began to develop in 2017 at a game night at Dane’s place. Initially, their connection was strictly platonic, but the comic later said that things heated up between them.

According to People, Dane shared some more details about his love for Kelsi during a Q&A session on Instagram Stories in August 2018 “Kelsi is an intelligent, thoughtful, inventive, loyal, and trustworthy young lady. Kelsi probably finds me passable.”

In response to a question about his counsel for couples with significant age differences, Dane remarked, “prepare that your deaths will be rather far apart.” On August 2, 2022, after dating for five years, Dane and Kelsi announced their engagement on Instagram.

The news itself sparked a thousand hot memes, but Kelsi’s remark on how much she enjoys being Dane’s fiancé is quite nice. While it’s easy to poke fun at the age difference between Dane and Kelsi, the reality is that Kelsi has a lot to be proud of in her own right.

Kelsi is a singer, actor, Pilates/TRX instructor, and food therapist/nutritionist, as seen in her Instagram bio. She has guest starred on The Funny Bunch and in the films Can (2013) and Shadows (2021). It appears that Kelsi spends her free time posing for her favorite athleisure labels and cuddling with her puppy.

When asked about the age difference between him and Kelsi, Dane joked on an episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live! in 2019 that, “You’re stealing the cradle,” the public reacted. I said to myself, “She hasn’t used the cradle in at least nine years.” Relax.'”

But while announcing their engagement on Twitter, the comedian held his signature snarkiness in check, instead adding, “Feeling the greatest I’ve ever felt.”

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Let’s get the sexy Dane and Kelsi engagement memes rolling, shall we?

We hope the best for Dane and Kelsi in their engagement, but we also understand why you’re here. For your viewing pleasure, here are a few more of the racist memes about Dane and Kelsi’s wedding.

Those two deserve a round of applause for being the most talked-about pair of the week.

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