Who Did David Crosby Get Married To? He Had how Many Kids?

who is david crosby married to

Jan Dance, David Crosby’s wife, revealed in a statement to Variety that her husband, the co-founder of The Byrds, had passed away at the age of 81. Since 1987, the pair had been happily married.

We are heartbroken to announce the death of our much loved David (Croz) Crosby. In a statement, Dance said, “He was accompanied by his wife and soulmate Jan and son Django.” His humanity and kind spirit will live on in us even if he is no longer physically here.

His iconic songs will keep his memory alive forever. Sending love, peace, and harmony to everyone who knew and was affected by David. We all love and respect him and will miss him terribly.

For the time being, we would appreciate your understanding and respect while we mourn this great loss in private. As always, I appreciate the support.

How did Jan and David meet?

How did Jan and David meet?



The pair originally met when Crosby was recording at Criteria Studios, where Jan supposedly worked as a receptionist. His poetry and charm quickly stopped her in her tracks, but then she noticed he had a girlfriend.

She didn’t attempt to intercede but must have unwittingly taken Crosby’s attention. The two were wed on May 16, 1987, at the Hollywood Church of Religious Science on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles.

Jaan and David liked horseback riding together and spent time with their son, Django. Django was born in July 1995, and the three lived together in Los Angeles.

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Jan Dance, the wife of the famous musician David Crosby, is who?

AmoMama states that David Crosby wed Jan Dance in May 1987. She was working as a receptionist in the music business when she met him, and the two of them quickly became fast friends due to their shared appreciation of good tunes.

Celebrities like Joe Walsh, Howard Hessman, and Stephen Stills were among the two hundred guests that celebrated their nuptials with them. Dance said, “I was really in love with music. Having that opportunity present itself was a huge break for me.

Eagles tracks were recorded at Criteria. There’s also the Bee Gees, Eric Clapton, and Aretha Franklin. It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience to watch a song and album take shape in front of my very eyes as the studio staff and guests bonded. Honestly, I consider that the best present ever.

Its lyrics by Crosby completely dominated the dance scene. Since Crosby already had a girlfriend when they met, she didn’t believe they could ever be together.

She said, “Now, I didn’t realize at the time what kind of fascination I was building up for the man personally, but I did know that I stopped any idea of pursuing my personal interest in him because he had a girlfriend, and I was of the mind where if people have mates… then it’s not a kind or human thing to do to chase them away.”

Crosby told The Guardian that his wife was his biggest fan. “I think I would have taken my life many times back then if I had not had somebody to keep me going, somebody who cared about me, somebody I loved,” he stated. “On intent or by chance, absolutely. “Either of the two.”

Where can I find out about David Crosby’s offspring?

Where can I find out about David Crosby's offspring?

Though David Crosby had six children overall, he only shared a child with his wife, Jan Dance. Other than Dance, he dated James Raymond and Erika Keller Crosby, both of whom later became his wives. In the past, Crosby served as a sperm donor for Melissa Etheridge’s offspring, Beckett and Bailey Cypher. Django Crosby was there for him and Dance.

For the first thirty years of his son’s existence, Crosby was completely unaware that Raymond ever existed. According to The Guardian, when Raymond’s mother became pregnant, Crosby was in his early 20s. She placed him for adoption without telling Crosby about him, he alleged.

Raymond’s adoptive parents encouraged him to investigate his ancestry, and that’s when he learned that Crosby was his real dad.  “So, he checked, saw my name was on the list and dismissed the possibility.

According to Crosby, “[Van Cortlandt] then verifies first and middle names and concludes, sure, that is me. If somebody tries to tell you that musical talent isn’t in the family, tell them to come to talk to me since he was already a musician for 20 years before we met.

Crosby and Raymond had a special bond as father and son via their shared love of music. In contrast, “James did a beautiful job, dude,” Crosby said. He allowed me the opportunity to prove myself worthy of being in his company.

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