Jenna Jameson’s Dating History as A Star Makes People Wonder About a New Romance!

According to, adult film star Jenna Jameson startled fans when she introduced her new partner on Instagram following rumors that she had separated from her fiancé of several years. Following her fight with a mysterious sickness that left her momentarily immobile, Jameson entered into a new relationship.

Jameson’s long-time fiance, Israeli businessman Lior Bitton, was there for her during her health concern even though they had recently broken up. The 48-year-old actress first muddled the waters with cryptic remarks on social media, leading followers to wonder if she was single or in a relationship.

In spite of briefly losing her ability to walk, Jameson kept in touch with updates on her rehabilitation progress. Her most recent Instagram image, though, showed her cuddled up with a mystery man. An influencer on the social media platform Jessi Lawless was tagged in the video with Jameson.

In the shocking post, Lawless revealed her joy and acknowledged their relationship. When asked about his new girlfriend, Lawless told the camera, “I guess something this hot doesn’t stay on the shelf too long, cuz I have a girlfriend baby.” Jameson was asleep next to him at the time.

A typical exchange would go something like this: “What the f—-, I’m dating Jenna Jameson!” Confused by the attention, Jameson covered her face with her arm and looked away from the camera as Lawless finally addressed the allegations and confirmed the connection.

It was shown in the film that Jameson had really broken off her engagement with the man she had been seeing since 2015. Due to their geographically distant living situation, many guessed that Jameson and Bitton’s romance had ended.

Who is Lior Bitton, Jenna Jameson’s rumored fiancé?

Who is Lior Bitton, Jenna Jameson's rumored fiancé?

Jameson’s fiance Lior Bitton is a prominent Israeli entrepreneur. Outside of his rumored relationship and profession, little is known about his life outside of the public eye. Bitton often updates his roughly 18,000 followers on Instagram with photos of his loved ones.

Both the date and manner of their initial meeting are mysteries at this time.

Where did Jenna Jameson go wrong?

Bitton broke the news to his followers in January 2022 that his fiancee has Guillain-Barré syndrome and is bedridden because of it. Bitton revealed on social media that she had been hospitalized after “not feeling so good” and vomiting for two weeks.

Then she returned home, Bitton said, “and she couldn’t carry herself.” Her leg muscles were noticeably feeble. Because of this, she couldn’t get herself to the restroom by walking there. If she tripped on the way back from the bathroom or the bedroom, I had to pick her up and carry her.

Within two days, things had deteriorated to the point where she could no longer walk. According to the CDC, Guillain-Barré syndrome is a rare autoimmune illness in which a person’s immune system attacks and destroys their own nerves, leading to weakening or even paralysis in their muscles.

Bitton said his fiancee had been given an incorrect diagnosis of Guillain-Barre syndrome a few days after Jameson’s diagnosis announcement. The businessman updated his Instagram followers on the status of his wife, Jenna, by writing, “Just a quick update, Jenna is still in the hospital,” on Monday, January 17.

She does not have Guillain-Barré syndrome,” Bitton said. She does not have Guillain-Barré syndrome, as was verified by a second test and five rounds of IVIG. We promise to update you as soon as we get news.

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Which actors has Jenna Jameson dated?

Which actors has Jenna Jameson dated?

The extent of Jenna Jameson’s former relationships and partners is unknown. In general, it’s not hard to figure out who Jenna is seeing at any one time, but keeping up with all of her one-night stands, hookups, and breakups might be a bit more of a challenge.

It’s incredible that in the year 2023, celebrities still manage to keep so much of their personal lives under wraps. This is Jenna Jameson’s first and only engagement. Jennifer Jameson’s exes include Jon Jones(2012), Tito Ortiz(2006-2012), Eric Price(1995), and Nikki Tyler (2015).

Approximately 40% of men and 14% of women say “I love you” to their partners for the first time during the first month of dating, while the average duration for males is 90 days and 134 days for women.

In the past, Jenna Jameson has been married to Justin Sterling (2003–2006), Jay Grdina (2003–2006), and Brad Armstrong (2003–2006). (1996 – 2001). Both of her offspring are girls.

Ortiz, Tito

Jameson is the mother of two, one with Bitton and the other with UFC legend Tito Ortiz, with whom she dated for over seven years beginning in 2006. Jameson and Ortiz, who had twins, Jesse and Journey, in 2009, divorced the following year, in March 2013.

There was a lot of tension between them; Ortiz was accused of domestic violence by Jameson, and Jameson was accused of being an Oxycontin addict by Ortiz. It was mutually disputed that either had done anything wrong.

Ortiz was awarded full custody of their children after his acrimonious divorce from Jameson, and he and his wife, UFC ring girl Amber Nichole Miller, raise them. Jameson has gone on record hoping that she and Ortiz may make “peace” in 2019 for their kids’ sake.

“In conclusion. I hope that one day my ex and I will get along, “at that time she was tweeting “I hold him in the highest regard and often offer prayers for his success. We had a difficult upbringing, but it’s nothing our kids can’t help us go through.”

Last year, Ortiz told The Sun: “The mother of the twins left. There has been a delay of nine years. That’s OK with me now; in fact, I consider it a good thing disguised as a bad thing. My fiancee has ably taken on the role of their mother.”

He said, “I’ve pursued the American Dream, which is hard but worth it.” “Seeing my children happy and knowing they adore me is my proudest accomplishment. Nothing can compare to it; it’s the greatest there is.”