Who Does Katie Couric Marry? Everything About John Molner

who is katie couric married to

It wasn’t until 2014 that Katie Couric and John Molner tied the knot. When people think of news anchors, they immediately think of Katie Couric. She has authored several books, is a mother, works as a journalist, and promotes healthy bowel habits.

She has spoken publicly about the death of her first husband, Jay Monahan, from colon cancer in 1998, both in interviews and in her upcoming memoir, Going There (2021).

However, Couric met and fell in love with her second husband, John Molner, over 15 years after Monahan’s death. A mutual acquaintance introduced them in 2012; they became engaged in 2013; and in 2014, they tied the knot in a small backyard ceremony.

The news of Couric’s breast cancer diagnosis came on the couple’s sixth wedding anniversary in 2022. In a personal essay published in September, she not only revealed the illness but also revealed that Molner “had a tumor the size of a coconut on his liver removed just a few months before their 2014 wedding.”

On the Today show, Couric expressed her gratitude for the timely diagnosis. In July, the journalist had a lumpectomy to remove an olive-sized tumor, and in September, she began radiation treatment.

Previously, she shared with PEOPLE, “Losing my husband, Jay, to colon cancer in 1998 and my sister, Emily, to pancreatic cancer two years later has had a profound effect on my life. Being helpless to save a loved one from their illness is the most helpless feeling imaginable.”

And who exactly are John Molner, Katie Couric’s spouse and pillar of strength? Everything you need to know about the entrepreneur is right here.

Katie Couric’s spouse, John Molner, is a who?

Katie Couric's spouse, John Molner, is a who?

On June 21, 2014, at Katie Couric’s home in the Hamptons, John Molner married the iconic news anchor. In 2018, after her second marriage, Couric told People, “It took me a long time [to marry again] because I liked being married and I love being married now. No, I don’t live alone either. Keep me company, please.”

Her words continued: “John is hilarious, too. He has a very sardonic and cynical sense of humor and doesn’t take life too seriously. And he’s just a lot of laughs to be with. Molner earned his MBA from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business after studying at Trinity College.

Molner retired from banking in 2014 after a long and successful career, although he now contributes as a Senior Adviser to BHH Capital Partners.

Molner appeared on-screen with his wife in 2017 as a co-star in their cookery show Full Plate With Katie & John. Katie Couric Media, which “collaborates with some of the world’s greatest businesses to create enhanced, purpose-driven content,” was also launched by the duo.

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A brief history of John Molner and Katie Couric’s courtship and engagement

After Katie’s 2012 breakup with tennis pro-Brooks Perlin, 17 years her junior, John and Katie finally crossed paths. Actress Molly Helfet, a friend of Katie’s, introduced the financier and news anchor.

Katie remarked in a 2017 interview with Jess Cagle, “In 2012 I was single again, and I asked my friend Molly, whose husband is a trauma surgeon if her husband knew any other physicians because I thought I’d like to go out with a doctor.”

So, after giving it some thought, she replied, “We don’t actually know a doctor, but we do know this banker named John Molner.” She said, “And I said, ‘Does he have a pulse?'” John finally decided to call and ask Katie on a date, although it took him a while to do so.

“At long last, after much nagging… What can I say? He asked me out, we went to a restaurant, and now what? In retrospect, Katie said, “He had me at hello.” She said John was “a little more age-appropriate” than their ex-boyfriend Brooks.

I think he’s hilarious, and he’s also accomplished in his own way. Working in an unrelated field. It’s a little more age-appropriate,” she told USA Today in 2013. “He’s from Chicago, and I love mid-westerners,” she said.

After two years of openly dating, John proposed to his girlfriend on an East Hampton, New York beach in September 2013.

The wedding of John Molner and Katie Couric

The wedding of John Molner and Katie Couric

John and Katie got engaged in the Hamptons, and they decided to get married there as well. Their wedding was held at her home on June 21, 2014. The designer, Carmen Marc Valvo, created a sleeveless gown for the former Katie Couric Show presenter that featured chantilly lace accents, making her look every bit the modern bride.

Katie’s second wedding was a small, unconventional ceremony. “We didn’t want to be too traditional,” she told PEOPLE magazine two days after the wedding. They had a civil ceremony, and she said, “It was very great to celebrate such a happy occasion because we’ve been through a lot in our lives.”

John also took on the unanticipated role of the party planner. In the same interview, he said, “I figured, if this wedding was going to happen, I had to get involved.” The string quartet played “Till There Was You” as Katie and John entered the party.

Even though it was in her garden, the celebration was nonetheless a classy affair, complete with champagne and a lemon-strawberry wedding cake. Katie said the celebration was “lovely, private, and special.”

As I put it, “It’s not a lack of love but a lack of friendship that produces bad marriages…” One guest said to another, “But with John, I found a fantastic spouse and a perfect friend,” a reference to a toast given earlier in the evening.

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