Is Kevin Durant Still Dating Cassandra Anderson In 2023? More To Know About KD’s Dating History

who is kevin durant dating

The personal life of Brooklyn Nets player Kevin Durant has generated a lot of rumors. He dated multiple ladies while playing in the NBA. His girlfriend Cassandra Anderson was one of them. 

When he was engaged to WNBA player Monica Wright, Kevin had a secret romance with Cassandra. The news of their relationship appeared in the media in 2017. Cassandra was present at the game and could be spotted in the player’s spouse section at the time that Kevin was playing for the Golden State Warriors. 

In addition to this, the two kept up with each other on social media, on Cassandra’s Snapchat account. So, let’s have a look at who is Kevin Durant dating.

Who Is Kevin Durant Dating In 2023?

who is kevin durant dating

Kevin Durant is no longer in a relationship. To be fair, he might be involved in a secret relationship and be unwilling to reveal it to the public.

KD’s most recent rumored girlfriend is Anderson. They reportedly began dating in 2017, immediately after Durant joined the Golden State Warriors. He was far more forthcoming about his relationship than he has ever been after his triumph there and the two championships.

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The two got along well on social media and were even caught secretly kissing after the Warriors won the 2018 championship.

Up until 2018, Cassandra and KD had a nice relationship. They are assumed to have broken up at that point. Cassandra deleted all of Durant’s social media posts.

Cassandra Anderson: Who Is She?

who is kevin durant dating

On May 25, 1990, Cassandra Anderson was born in California. She attended Bakersfield High School at a young age. Cassandra won the Bakersfield Californian Player of the Year award in 2007 and was a three-time offensive MVP. 

Cassandra, 6 feet 2 inches tall, played volleyball for the Gators while attending the University of Florida. She then earned a bachelor’s degree in recreation and tourism in 2012.

When And Why Kevin Durant And Cassandra Anderson Broke Up?

KD and the Warriors defeated the Cleveland Cavaliers in a blowout to claim their third title in 2018. KD was spotted kissing Cassandra Anderson in the corridor shortly after winning the championship. 

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Later that year, Sports Gossip, reported that the two had split up. They cited an unnamed source who said Durant was drawn to unrelated women.

“It’s been over for Cass and KD, he likes everybody. Random models and singers. Looks like he’s playing the field says our source. Definitely looks like Kevin Durant is playing the field.”

Also, there were reports that Durant and Anderson might still be dating in secret, but it is hard to concede that.

Anderson currently works for Berkshire Hathaway Drysdale Properties as a realtor in California. She originally deactivated her Instagram after her purported breakup with KD. However, now she has a private account.

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