Is Osaka’s Boyfriend a Famous Rapper, and How Does that Affect Her Life?

If you’ve been following Naomi Osaka’s phenomenally successful tennis career, you already know that she’s a formidable opponent. And it turns out that it’s not just the 25-year-massive old’s fan base that cheers for her every time she takes the court; it’s also her spouse.

That the Japanese tennis player’s romance with the American rapper Cordae is less well-known than her serve is OK with them. There have been few, but lovely, tales given by the pair about one another throughout the years, and it’s evident that their relationship is just becoming stronger.

With the news that they are expecting their first child in 2023, it is time to reflect back on their whole courtship with fondness.

The two went to an L.A. Clippers game on their first date.

The two went to an L.A. Clippers game on their first date.


In 2019, Cordae and Osaka went on their first date to an L.A. Clippers game, but they didn’t tell anybody about their budding romance for the first year. Later, Cordae disclosed the location of their first kiss in an interview with GQ: Indian Wells, California.

The rapper went on to describe his most memorable outing with Osaka. “My grandfather and I took a road trip to see my grandma in Rhode Island. Wow, it was a close call “His words.

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Cordae has worked with H.E.R. and Young Thug, and he has been nominated for a Grammy for his rapping. Osaka wrote an Instagram post praising his new album Bird’s Eye View, in which she said, “Getting closer to someone and witnessing how much love and commitment they put into their job is extremely motivating.”

The artist responded to her tweet with, “I will die loving you. It’s no contest: Bonnie and Clyde and you are my ride or die.” In October 2022, Cordae completed a European tour, commemorating the event with Instagram posts featuring images and clips from the trek.

A concert video and a picture of his airplane seat were among the slideshow’s many offerings. “I just finished my very first headline tour in Europe. Gratitude for all of you is immeasurable. I can’t wait to return here one thousand times over. There are some new tunes out now, “The caption, he noted.

What was the mechanism of introduction between Cordae and Naomi Osaka?

According to earlier interviews, Cordae and Osaka first met at a Los Angeles Clippers game in late 2018 or early 2019. He claimed ignorance of tennis at the time, saying that his only exposure was to the Williams sisters; little did he realize that he was in the presence of tennis royalty.

Despite both of them being tennis novices, it appeared as if they hit it off right away. TMZ Sports originally reported the two were dating in April 2019, however, they were not yet “official.”

Quickly after, Osaka made her relationship with Cordae Instagram official by posting a video of him to her Story. As of the Clippers game they both attended in December 2019, their relationship was out in the open.

In 2021, when everything was finally out in the open, Cordae told GQ, “Prior to the public learning of our relationship, we had been dating for about a year. As a result, we adopt a very alone mode of transportation.

Personally, I don’t think it’s appropriate to share our most private moments online. An intimate connection between two people is something to be revered. As soon as unwelcome outsiders make their way in, its sanctity is diminished.”

They’ve been seen together quite a bit recently, and Cordae even came out in support of Osaka when she hosted the Met Gala in September 2021.

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Cordae and Naomi Osaka’s relationship

Cordae and Naomi Osaka's relationship

Osaka and Cordae have become more open about their mutual adoration for one another in public after they came out. When asked about her victory at the 2020 US Open, which occurred during one of the worst early peaks of COVID-19 cases, Osaka credited Cordae as a crucial support system.

“In the midst of all that was happening in New York, I began to feel quite down. I’m sure there were calls to Cordae where I broke down in tears. I can’t place it, “This, she shared with the press.

“And despite his hectic schedule, he hopped on a plane and left. That was really kind of you, and I truly value it. I can’t remember if I’ve already told him that. I think he was important in my success since he kept me motivated throughout.”

A rare Instagram post honoring her partner at the release of his second album, From A Bird’s Eye View, was made by Osaka in January 2022. It’s “really encouraging” to get to know someone and “get closer to witnessing how much love and attention they put into their profession,” she added.

“You can tell that @cordae has a special gift for whatever it is that she does; she brings positive energy and a sense of excitement to whatever space she enters (or maybe it’s just her hair, haha). I am really pleased for you that you have released a second album.”

The next few days saw Osaka win her maiden match at the Australian Open in Melbourne. Osaka broke with Australian custom by writing “F.A.B.E.V.” with a heart across the lens of the television camera instead of her signature. The initials stood for her boyfriend’s new album.