7 Years Ago Riddle Answer Isn’t as Simple as You Believe!

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7 Years Ago Riddle Answer Isn't as Simple as You Believe!

We believe we may have the answer to the conundrum that has been perplexing everyone. In fact, depending on how you read the riddle, there are two viable solutions to “7 years ago.”

It is really annoying to not know the solution to a mystery. Particularly because it will linger in your mind for days until you suddenly wake up in the middle of the night knowing you have *finally* come up with the solution.

Even more aggravating is the situation in which it appears that everyone else is aware of the solution but you.

The 7 years ago riddle has many people feeling that way right now, but we have some solutions so you can rest easy.

What Are the 7 Years Ago Riddle?

The puzzle reads as follows:

“I was 7 years old 7 years ago; how old am I now?”

With numerous plausible (and illogical) solutions offered on the internet, the solution has driven everyone insane.

We have the solution if you’re one of the few who is still perplexed.

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7 Years Ago Riddle Answer

  • Let’s dissect the conundrum.
  • 7 years prior 7 years old is what I was.
  • 7 years later equals 14.
  • How old am I, the puzzle continues. It is a present-tense sentence.

The solution appears to be more evident if we slightly modify the puzzle. How old am I now, 7 years after I was 7 years old? That would be unmistakably a 14-year-old.

A young white man with a beard sitting on the sofa smiling. He has his arms raised in celebration and his eyes are closed.

Hold on to your horses if you’re just about to give up or boast to your buddies that you’ve figured it out. Riddles are never quite so simple, though.

Since 7 + 7 + 7 equals 21, many people think that is the solution.

They interpret the message of the riddle as “7 years later from 7 years older than 7.” Therefore, if the speaker is currently 14, they would be 21 in 7 years.

Although this isn’t technically correct in terms of grammar—the answer to our previous riddle was a woman named “There”—all reasoning seems to be thrown out the window when it comes to riddles.

Pick the answer you prefer

You can choose whichever of the two solutions that we have presented to you, together with (hopefully) logical justifications for each, suits you best. Regardless of which one you choose, prepare for a sleepless night wondering if you made the correct decision.

We regret that we were unable to provide you with the nice, simple answer you were hoping for. Instead, you can have a disagreement with a close friend or family member who holds opposing views.

To ensure that you still get a present, perhaps postpone the discussion until after Christmas. Just let’s hope your Christmas present doesn’t include a riddle book.

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