A New Make-Up Palette by Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star Was Completed in 2020 but Never Issued!

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Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star’s

The two’s new makeup palette, which was ready years ago but was never released, is described in detail in Shane Dawson’s latest YouTube video with Jeffree Star.

Two of the top YouTube creators are Shane and Jeffree. In 2019, the pair worked together to create the Conspiracy eyeshadow palette.

Due to its enormous popularity, the two got back together and created a second one. The second palette, though, missed the flooring.

Shane is taking fans behind the scenes to show them all the work he, Jeffree, and their crew put in to create the second palette, which has now been in the works for two years.

Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star made a new makeup palette in 2020

The 34-year-old YouTuber shared behind-the-scenes footage with his followers from when he and YouTube friend Jeffree were creating their second eyeshadow palette.

We don’t have the finished packaging, but we do have the actual palette, Shane says toward the end of the nearly 54-minute-long film.

According to him, this occurred in February 2020. The pair chose not to move further with it, though.

The palette is still in Shane’s possession, and he says he wants to present it to the crowd. He does display the box, but not the actual palette.

In the closing scene of the video, Shane finally boards a plane for Jeffree’s Star Yak Ranch in Wyoming.

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Bts Footage from The Making of Shane and Jeffree’s Second Palette

Shane Dawson and Jeffshane Dawson

Fans of Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson from the past will adore the former’s most recent video. It is filled with instances where the two YouTubers pool their talents and resources to produce something original.

As they experiment with various hues, we observe the two workings cooperatively with their team.

As he opens the new video by showing us his closet, fans get to see the chaotic and traditional Shane. Additionally, he talks about the possibility of creating another YouTube series.

A collection of behind-the-scenes videos from while he and Jeffree were working on their second palette follows.

After the wildly successful launch of the first version of their eyeshadow palette in 2019, the duo started formulating ideas for the second. They can be seen examining shade cards.

After the success of Conspiracy, Shane discusses how makeup sparked a newfound love for him.

“I was just screenshotting colors,” he explains, “and whenever I saw a color I loved, whether it was online, at my home, at a restaurant, or anywhere else, I would snap a picture of it, zoom in on the color, and add it to my album.

Shane and Jeffree can be seen experimenting with various hues on their wrists while talking about how each one makes them feel. The video becomes clear that dos are passionate about makeup.

As the two finalize more and more hues, the palette starts to take shape. But we already know that it gets put on hold.

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You can still buy Shane and Jeffree’s Conspiracy eyeshadow palette

Fans may still purchase the original Conspiracy palette, which is where it all began, even though the second palette may or may not ever appear in stores.


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