It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 16 Release Date: Is The FX Black Comedy Sitcom Renewed?

It’s been quite some time since “The Gang” appeared on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. The long-running FX black comedy sitcom chronicles the misadventures of five narcissistic and sociopathic friends who ostensibly own and operate the fictional bar Paddy’s Pub in Philadelphia. The Gang frequently engages in absurd exploits as they attempt to maintain their bar, undermine each other’s lives, and navigate contemporary social issues with little grace or tact.

Throughout its 15-season run, the show’s sardonic commentary and dark humor have earned it a cult following. It is presently one of the longest-running American live-action comedies, having debuted in 2005 and airing its most recent season in 2021.

With such durability, additional seasons are virtually assured. However, is Season 16 of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia imminent? Here is what we know about the continuation of the program.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 16 Cast

Always Sunny Season 16 Release Date

In their respective roles, McElhenney, DeVito, Howerton, Day, and Olsen will all return. Details regarding the return of series regulars such as the Waitress (Mary Elizabeth Ellis), discredited ex-priest Rickety Cricket (David Hornsby), Artemis (Artemis Pebdani), Charlie’s mom (Lynne Marie Stewart), and Mac’s mom (Sandy Martin) are not confirmed.

Who knows, but since we haven’t seen the gloriously inbred McPoyles in a while, it’s improbable that Jimmi Simpson or Nate Mooney will appear in the upcoming season. Perhaps the milky McPoyles were just waiting for an opportunity to return after the entire courtroom debacle in season 11.

Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 16 Showrunner, Directors, and Crew

Always Sunny Season 16 Release Date

McElhenney, Day, and Howerton will return to their positions as writers and producers. Pete Chatmon, a series regular, will return to helm the second episode. Megan Ganz, writer, and director, has also returned for this season.

Always Sunny Season 16 Release Date

Always Sunny Season 16 Release Date

FXX Channel reported about the release date of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia season 16. The TV Show will return on December 20th, 2023.

What Will Season 16 of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Be About?

Always Sunny Season 16 Release Date

Each season, the show alternates between real-life commentaries — such as in episodes that address the MeToo movement or gendered bathrooms — and fantastical episodes, such as a parody of ’80s ski movies or a two-part episode in which the gang goes on a cruise and, ostensibly, dies.

There is one indication that a particular Philadelphia landmark may appear in season 16. According to Glenn Howerton, the crew has been listening to the Twitter calls for an episode featuring the hottest political location in the entire state of Pennsylvania, a parking lot that will live in infamy forever.

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Who Will Star in Season 16

Always Sunny Season 16 Release Date

Ultimately, there is no doubt that McElhenney will return, as he has previously stated that he is content to continue doing the program “forever.” In addition to McElhenney’s real-life wife Kaitlin Olson and legendary screen presence Danny Devito, who portrays Dee and Frank, Day and Howerton will also appear in the series.

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Howerton took a temporary break from the series in 2018 to film the series A.P. Bio, but he returned to the show to complete the ensemble after a brief hiatus. In addition, guest performers such as Mary Lynn Rajskub, David Hornsby, and Jimmi Simpson, who have appeared in supporting roles throughout the course of the series, may return.